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Damn straight he did, Lady.
Well, MORON, if he's doing something why did the President of Iran go on world wide TV and call Obama's claim that because of him "they'd stopped working on building nukes" A LIE??
Wait a minute here. Someone just said Mike Lee gave some good ideas in his reply, but I don't remember seeing his reply. What's going on here, FNC??
But they KNOW that Obama will do NOTHING about Iran continuing to develop Nuclear weapons.
Not much since he wasn't in office when we started expanding westward, and the Indians fought on our side in the Revolution in case you forgot your history.
I know one thing for damned sure. If my brother had been injured in Iraq our family would NEVER let a scumbag like this use him as an example of how HIS policies had help my brother recover.
Really?? Do tell.
I think the planet is called He'sGotHisHeadUpHisAss.
Listen to this fool talking about how our enemies are afraid of us because he's in office when he knows they're openly laughing in his face.
Laurel and Hardy
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