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How closely have you followed Hatch's actions and votes? I live in Utah and follow him very closely, especially after his televised temper tantrum when we primaried him a few years ago. He's always rubber stamping Obama's nominees and voting WITH Reid on things that hurt this country.
This is what happens when the president of the United States goes all out to prove to the world that he's nothing but a buffoon who's incapable of leading.
I'll bet good money that our "esteemed Senior Senator" Orrin Hatch will join the Democrats in voting FOR this lunatic.
As a Utah resident who has followed the story I can tell you that this whole thing against Lee stems from an "investigation" into alleged wrongdoing by our former (short term) state Attorney General, who Lee is friends with. Swallow was only in office a short time because of being forced to resign due to ongoing frivolous accusations (as in Sarah Palin's resignation as Governor) against him. His "crime" was beating a Democrat for the AG's job. But, as with Palin, they dug up all sorts of scumballs to make false accusations against him, to the point where he was constantly distracted from doing his job to answer the false charges. My dad has worked with John Swallow for a long time and we know that he is innocent. So we're sure this whole thing against Lee is just another smoke screen to distract him. Also, knowing how much Orrin the RINO dislikes Mike Lee, I wouldn't doubt that he's involved.
John Kerry NEVER had any class.
JonInTexas Wrote:7 minutes ago (11:50 PM) It's ours as well. Yes, it is, and you "love her for what SHE COULD BE (a Socialist utopia)," RIGHT??
Damn straight he did, Lady.
Well, MORON, if he's doing something why did the President of Iran go on world wide TV and call Obama's claim that because of him "they'd stopped working on building nukes" A LIE??
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