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Illegals Walk In

Hockey Mom Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 12:16 AM
The man is a total fraud and NO Promise he's ever made is worth the time it took him to state or write it out. He did not mean a single word of any of them except for his promise to "remake America." Sadly, what he wants to "remake" it into is HIS VERSION of a "Socialist Utopia" which will be a nightmare for the rest of us.
That's why we home school our kids. We started in 2009 when our son was given the "homework" of memorizing the song, MMM, MMM, MMM, Barack Hussein Obama, for a school "concert" of songs WORSHIPING Obama instead of God.
I hate to state the painfully obvious, but he wouldn't watch it. He's currently busy trying to get D'Souza sent to prison, for life, for making it.
I think they should be asked that question Darby. It might wake some of them up to the horror of what they're thinking of doing to their child. But then it would also help if the schools were finally forced to stop encouraging them to have sex under the pretense of teaching them "Biology."
Yeah, I bet you are. Every bit as much as I am.
Dr_Zinj Wrote:1 hour ago (9:56 AM) "Let's start with I don't find abortion to be "horrific". It's preventable. It's a waste. But it beats the hell out of a lot of dead or crippled women" To quote Col. Sherman Potter, HORSE PUCKEY!! That's the same as quoting that "it's a FACT" that ANY kid conceived by other than a rich woman, and NOT ABORTED, will live a life of "being hated," and/or "being rejected" and/or getting "a poor education" and/or the all time winner "forced to live a life of crime." WHICH ALMOST EVERY DEFENDER OF ABORTION STATES AS IF IT'S GOSPEL. IT'S NOTHING BUT PURE, UNADULTERATED BULLSCHIT AND THEY KNOW IT. THERE IS ZERO PROOF to back up that statement, especially considering that so many children born to single mothers living in absolute poverty have grown up to become extremely successful multi-millionaires. That number includes the current, extremely successful at being a complete embarrassment to this country, President of the United States. So take your BS argument and shove it, "Doctor."
For anybody who hasn't seen the Dinesh D'Souza movie "America" yet, GO SEE IT. It will make it perfectly clear, as if it's not already, who it is Obama is working for.
Since when? Since HE CAUSED THE MESS, and he knows it. I completely agree with you. He doesn't want to go to the border because he knows that if shows up there in the middle of this disaster he'll be expected to start actually doing something. And by that I mean something other than demanding money that WE ALL KNOW he fully intends to use to help these people disappear into the American landscape
Which is why Obama is so desperate to get more radical leftists onto the SCOTUS.
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