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there are more whites on welfare than blacks and latino combined.
Go take instruction in reading comprehension!
Bush and GOPp caused the toilet bowl sensation!
Who got us into Iraq and Pakistan?
When did Nietzsche make that statement? What examples did he have to arrive at this theory? The three most liberal documents on Planet Earth are our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. All of our founders supported liberalism. We are a liberal country. Except for the 'Old South and it's progeny.
Which GOP, before or after the South went from a one party system to a different one party alignment. I doubt that you or your family and friends are in the real GOP. Most likely just red neck Democrats with white shirts and a new coat. None of the "real scandals" you mentioned are scandals at all. Bet you never heard of liberal Republicans - right? We are a liberal country.
The Germans were already here. I'm referring to the "non-white" hoard of immigrants that came from a new and different part of Southern Europe along the Med.
Over the last 30 years many of my friends and family have quit the GOP. See the numbers for registrations in the formerly red states turned blue. And our reasons are based around the type of rhetoric the Party has sunk to. At times the shrillness of scandal this, scandal that, scandal just anything sometimes downright silly, is reminiscent of Southern Europe {beer halls} after WW1 through WW2. But then US Republicans did support Spain's civil war and Franco. Even fighting alongside of Mussolini and Hitler troops. The line of influence continues in the new Southern GOP and the American Nazi Party, KKK ancestors. Such sissy type rhetoric!
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And…The Commies Win

hmiller Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 11:40 AM
Hey, let's dig up the Dulles boys, find some mean bustard Shah and shove him into power in Iran. There, problem solved. Hmmm that sounds like an old, moss covered, white male Republican war threat response. Eisenhower also got us into Vnam, Cuba, and assorted other affairs that are still costing us. The right wing fascist type attitude continues in the old, white, male, moss covered geezers (of a wide range of ages).
Be sure to tell the working class why a raise in the minimum wage will end their jobs - just as it has done over the last 20 increases. Explain that the law itself and ALL those increases have cost us at least 750, 000,000 jobs. Then tell workers the glory of buying your own health insurance, retirement, occupational health and accident policys are part of the glorious independence of the proud worker. Even though there never has been a single country run on such silly childish "thought." Continue being the soft handed, Super Slurpy fueled, aristocrats of monarchy's gone by.
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