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An Honest Liberal Writes about Gun Control

hmiller Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 10:18 PM
Back when the NRA was of no consequence to either political party; that is before they found a gimmick that created money and power; I looked up the history of the Conscientious Objector status and history. A large item in their finally successful campaign was what became the 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights. To see what I mean look at the "Bill" as presented to Congress by James Madison. It can be easily found in his papers at The James Madison University. And look up the online history of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Look for the reason Ben Franklin started a military organization before that Colony had legislation for a militia. Note that the Quakers, in particular, had a religious objection to bearing arms. Not to carrying gun

I wrote earlier this month about an honest liberal who acknowledged the problems created by government dependency. Well, it happened again.

First, some background.

Like every other decent person, I was horrified and nauseated by the school shootings in Newton, Connecticut.

Part of me wishes the guy hadn’t killed himself so that he could be slowly fed into a meat grinder.

And my friends on the left will be happy to know that part of me, when I first learned about...