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I understand that the restaurant has now considering posting extra signs that are much larger than the old signs...
Caramel Frap! Some packs of Via and maybe a couple of sandwiches.
I'll take my chances with terrorism. I really don't want to be this safe.
O'Reilly is an egotistical pinhead, he always has been and he gets worse with every year that goes by.
Any proof? You may be right but is there any proof that would stand up in a court of law? If there is then why isn't the GOP pursuing a court case? Due to changing demographics the GOP is rapidly becoming irrelivant. The conservatives are a house divided with religious conservatives waging war on socially liberal conservatives. As long as that continues the liberals will control the government.
There are two ways to change the country, bullets or ballots. If you can't trust one that leaves the other. Between the media and the politicians we are being pushed towards civil war.
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