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Obama's Emptiest Benghazi Talking Point

hjoseph Wrote: May 17, 2013 2:24 PM
I spent 28 years in the military and it is absolutely impossible for the commander-in-chief not to know and share in the decision to allow four brave Americans to die. The really shocking part of this scandal is that it was political cover for a Muslim lover in the white house who has been doing everything from bowing to a Saudi King to apologizing for American wrong doing in the middle east to providing major money and resources for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist and check out his staff of six Muslim Islamist brotherhood operatives filling key positions in the Whitehouse. I am outraged at the lies and cover-up of these criminals. I wrote a letter to Speaker Boehnor to create a special committee with supeona power to demand the 25,000 documents that the Whitehouse is rat holing from the oversight committee. When he says he wants transparency and get to the truth, his nose grows another foot.