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I continue to be shocked by how many good people in North Carolina don't see the NEXUS between the corrupt ATF, DOJ, IRS, GOA, V.A., State Dept, EPA and other Federal Agencies and Hagan who has supported most of this criminal activity by doing nothing to introduce legislation or scream to high heaven to stop any of this gross thuggery by a government that is too big to police its self. Hagan's world supports the liar-in-chief in the Whitehouse and within two years we will be fighting ISIS in the streets of our neighborhoods across the country, if the illegals don't bankrupt our nation first. Get some Gonads and fire that commie rat. She is poison.
Zenarts, I would love to see them clean up their own mess, but realistically ISIS wants to establish a Caliphate in Iraq and other places and use that as a springboard to attack America. It is a fact of life, that the best defense is a good offense. If we miscalculate on these murdering swine we could have to fight them inside our borders. It will be a sad day if we have to confront ISIS in our neighborhoods. It appears from info passed on from DHS there are some ISIS members here now.
The bill of rights was written to protect the rights of WE THE PEOPLE not bestow rights.
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Paul Ryan Has Answer for Ferguson

hjoseph Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 10:14 AM
What you really mean is lets replace Ryan with a guy that will give us more free-bees. Caring about people is giving people a hand-up, not a hand out. America is in serious debt and the continued entitlement spending will doom our children. A way to keep us solvent is what Ryan is trying to find in the least uncomfortable way. This economics issue is not a democrat or republican issue, its an American issue. Ryan's ideas to keep our great country solvent has to be debated by the full house and senate, so lets hear your ideas and you should find a candidate that you align with, unless you just happen to be a person who is all talk and no action like the dude in the Whitehouse. At the end of the day, I don't agree with some things that Ryan lays out but the other 534 members of Congress get to add their discussions and amendments to come up with something that will prevent financial disaster which by the way would end entitlements in a way that could create chaos for the legitimate needy. I'm not sure you really get it, so I hope enough people see what's coming.
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Boycott Burger King?

hjoseph Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 10:00 AM
Attacking the business base to stop inversion is a mindless ploy that benefits no one. Major tax reform is needed to eliminate the unfair tax code and it should be geared to significant down sizing of the most corrupt and dangerous government entity that has evolved in the past twenty years. The IRS must go and the voters can do this by showing up at the polls in Nov 2014 and voting against the progressive democrats who perpetuate this criminal enterprise. Eliminating the IRS empire is a win-win.
Mary is a slick lawyer who is a stooge for the Obama administration, plain and simple. She is not working in the best interests of Louisianna constituents who elected her to office. The infamous Louisianna purchase where she accepted a 300 million dollar bribe from Harry Reid to vote for Obamacare was a sample of her support for a corrupt Govt.
The not so tolerant left loves to demonize anyone who doesn't share their ideology. Ms McConnell is a Taiwanese native who comes from a country that has always embraced the USA as a friend. Why can't these commie rats become honest civil Americans.
I agree and he is cleverly using tax payer money to do it. We are in a non-confrontational civil war. I hope and pray people vote these commie rats out in 2014.
There are no words to describe Comrade Pelosi, but shame on the fools in California who keep voting her back into office. She should be a resident of GITMO.
The campaigner-in-chief has a very expensive smart cellphone which gives him the latest information on everything that is going on in the world, so the comment that he learned like everyone else from the news media is another prevarication. He has dozens of people working 24/7 that keep him updated on things as insignificant as what aftershave Boo Hoo Boehnor wears. What a shameful situation.
It is really sad to see so much corruption in the democrat party. I was a democrat for 21 years but ever since the socialist and communists of America have integrated into the democrat party it has become a haven for every radical group in the world, led by the biggest bunch of divisive liars that ever existed. I know its tough for a democracy to last for over 200 years without turmoil but we have a really bad situation, because too many low information voters are willing to sell their souls for their free stuff.
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