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'Compromise' Is Not a Dirty Word

HHKrentz Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 7:23 AM
Reagan "had to" compromise with a Dem congress, and now Obama claims Reagan was a big spender. Conservatism is patient and doesn't need to compromise. Eventually, you'll have to be conservative, it's only a matter of how much pain you're willing to suffer before you get there. Those who do not listen shall feel.

Compromise has always been a holy word for the Washington establishment. But against the backdrop of ever-increasing anxiety over our fiscal dysfunction, most particularly the next budget showdown, the word has taken on a tone of anger, desperation and even panic.

But in all its usages these days, "compromise" remains a word for bludgeoning Republicans. "Congress isn't just stalemated, it's broken, experts say," proclaims the typical headline, this one in The Miami Herald. And the experts say it's all the Republicans' fault.

"The challenge we have right now is that we have on one side, a party that will brook no...