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After her attempted assassination by the mentally unbalanced Jared Lee Loughner After her attempted assassination by the LEFT WING Jared Lee Loughner. The fact that Loughner was a leftist is something you NEVER see in the media.
The so-called "gun show exemption" for background checks is a myth and a LEFT WING LIE. The TRUTH is that 99% of the exhibitors at gun shows are licenses dealers. When you buy firearm from a licensed dealer, you MUST have a background check whether the dealer is selling from his store, from his house, or from a gun show. When the anti-freedom crowd lies and claims there's a "gun show exemption, wat they're REALLY talking about is the fact that PRIVATE transactions don't require background checks. The ant02nd Amendment left wants to make is so that if a father wants to give his son the .22 rifle he had as a kid, they would both have to go to a federally-licensed FFL and fill out pages of paperwork. Otherwise, the son would be an illegal possessor. Leftists love to lie. Basically, leftists ALWAYS lie to try to sell the shallow and gullible on their agenda. The so-called "gun show exemption" is such a lie. There's no such thing. It doesn't exist.
Read that claim in the Daily Kos, did you?
I feel sorry for Gifford's. She was a Democrat but nowhere near as far left as 0bama or her husband. She was a 2nd Amendment SUPPORTER and owned guns. But now that she's brain damaged. her sleazy husband is USING her as a puppet....trotting her out to create sympathy for his anti-freedom agenda. He and the Democrat should be ashamed.
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Who Shut Down the Government?

hjablomie Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 9:35 PM
Republicans CAN'T get the truth out because the medisa is controlled by the left wing 0bama worshippers. The media propaganda machine has brainwashed most people to believe that the "Republicans" shut down the government. I've been a lone voice in the wilderness explaining that the Republicans passed a budget that FULLY FUNDED THE GOVERNMENT. So, WHY did it get shutdown? Because Harry Reid and 0bama BLACKMAILED the House of Representatives by saying "we want MORE....and if you don't give it to us, we'll reject it ALL and let the government shut down!" When the Republicans said no, Reid and 0bama shut down the government. This isn't rocket science. Anyone with a functioning brain should be able to comprehend it. The problem is that most people get their information from the media, and the media has never given is the truth.
There are more than 35% of Americans who would LIKE to see Obama impeached. Why? Because when asked if the House SHOULD impeach Obama, people like me say "no." We say "no" because we know that such an action would not succeed and it would backfire on Republicans. However, I think if the question was "does Obama DESERVE to be impeached?", the affirmative responses would be much higher.
That's true. The sad fact is that most black voters never had a clue about any of Obama's positions....they voted for him for one reason ONLY: his being half black. If Obama was caught having sex with 8 year old boys, killing them and burying the bodies in the Rose Garden, most blacks would STILL support him because.....he's half black. So, Obama will always have that percentage of "approval."
No president in history has been more deserving of impeachment than Obama. No president in history has so violated the law, disregarded the Constitution, and so blatantly lied to the American people. But I am one of those who is strongly OPPOSED to impeachment. Why? Because as long as the socialist Democrats control the Senate, it would only backfire on the Republicans. IF the House passes articles of impeachment they would then send them to the Senate. The Senate - Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. - would ridicule it and vote it down. The Democrats and the left wng "mainstream" media would then USE the Senate action to "prove" that Obama was "innocent" and that the Republicans were merely on a witch hunt. The ultimate effect would be that Obama would remain in office and the Democrats would use Obama's "innocence" against the Republicans in November and in 2016. So, YES, Obama deserves to be impeached, disbarred, and probably jailed. But it's just NOT going to happen. Let's not cut off our noses to spite our faces.
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A Primer on Race

hjablomie Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 1:37 AM
The Democrats are the quintessential racists. Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, fire hoses and attack dogs, black church bombings, murder of civil rights workers, filibustering the Civil Rights Act, electing a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan to congress where he served until his death in 2010.....all DEMOCRATS. Today, the Democrats no longer wear hoods and lynch blacks. Today they work 24/7 to keep them poor and dependent on the government. Instead of the Democrats forcing blacks to pick cotton on their plantation, they harvest their votes. Democrat icon Lyndon Johnson let it out of the bag when, upon signing his massive, multi-billion dollar welfare boondoggle called his War on Poverty, he remarked "I'll have those n*gg*rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years!" THAT is how Democrats view blacks today.
Sctt Waler trounced the liberal Democrats and gave thm an embarrassing defeat. Did anyone think that they wouldn't retaliate? The left wants to claim that ALL of Obama's provabe scandals are just" witch hunts". For an example of a REAL witch hunt, look no further than this bogus investigation of Scott Walker.
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