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They didn't the machines changed the votes
hey the lady was 5+ points ahead of him during the whole run. The day of the election he suddenly won by that many. It was proven the machines switched the votes to Reed. How many voted and didn't notice that as some did. Another won by fraud.
wonder if the dog got an expensive private hotel room complete with servants to care for it. This spending is another, in your face.
Not every kid needs to lose weight either.
I don't know of any kids who don't eat fruit. This idiot is not a nutritionist and has no business telling anyone what to eat.They run the government run schools so they do what they are told. Some schools will not allow them to bring lunch from home. Some teachers are taking away from the kids what they bring where it is allowed as they say it is not healthy. I would be in that principals office and every teacher would hear me when I talk to him or her.
should have told this fool those evil people who did the mass killings could have set a bomb off and no doubt would have if they didn't have the guns.
she and Obama are signing it. They are doing everything they can to take guns away from Americans.
keep up with the news. They even admit it was a fake. It was proven fake poor photo shop for the changes by many.
Makes it easier for them to come in. Just everyone start using the unprotected one's. Then you don't have to keep trying if caught. Just come on in. Obama made it easier for you.
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