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This liberal reporter can only see a gun as a killing tool and he cannot use common sense to see it as a defense tool. The assault in by a human being and any weapon in his hands is an assault weapon. He will not attempt an assault against a person who is armed but will look for the defenseless. Thirty five thousand Mexican citizens including thousands of children were killed in a country that denies guns to its citizens. Do we want to deny our citizens the right to protect their self’s against crazy people and criminals?
htginas --sounds like you should run for president. You seem to have the same qualificitions as Obama except the part about Jesus Christ.
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Alex Karras, RIP

hitthedeck Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 12:31 AM
My stepfather a Detroit fireman who had a moonlight job as security in Hotel in Detroit (I forgot the name) The fearsome four were watching a game on the TV in a penthouse suite. The TV went out in the last quarter of the game and they called the desk demanding another TV. The service was to slow and Alex picked up the consol TV and threw it out the 20th story window where it landed on Michigan Ave luckily not killing anyone. The new TV was in their room five minutes after the old one hit the street. My step dad said no one had the guts to complain or file charges. They paid the damages and partied the whole weekend. I met Alex in 1967, he was a very nice person.
No man is without sin and no liberal is without digging up another mans sins and parading them to the forefront of a man’s good lifetime work. Only a liberal can forgive their self made sins and justify their bad deeds as a good deed for others. GC
ericynot-we are at war with radical Islam. They are an army of Islam and they are our enemy’s. Why do they deserve high dollar New York lawyers with American taxpayers paying the tab when we have military courts with ample defense attorneys who can accomplish the same results at a lower cost? You cannot classify these terrorists as common criminals. They are Americas enemies and are a part of an army with commanders ordering them to kill us. So please reframe from telling us that they deserve more than military courts can give them.
Is our president our real enemy? He has never defended our allies. He has never defended the Jewish and Christian faith. He has shown disrespect for the American flag and national anthem. He defends Islam with every speech and does call a terrorist attack by its name. He hides his past and never answers to why. He stocks his administration with Communist progressives. His policies have destroyed our economy and he divided and plays Americans against other. Just who the hell is he?
Moonbat, Obama has America's credit card and uses it like a drunk sailor in a cathouse. Its time to take it away from him and send him packing back to the hood where he can give classes on getting free stuff from the government.
Kenadon't you are a member of the twenty percent liberals in this country but we have you out numbered. Kiss your Leaders a-- goodbye in november and stay in your pigpen.
Kenadid Obama usefull idoit still beating around the Bush with nothing of todays problems just diging dirt from the past. Stay in your progressive pigpen we don't need your s--- to rub off on us.
Has the word communist been replaced by the word progressive? Our education system has dummied our children and they don't even know what communism is. The progressives use the word forward and change as dream words to entice the ignorant and convert them into useful fools.
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