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Are you kidding. After her recent performance, she is a shoo-in for Psaki's old job. I believe she is next in line anyway. A fine replacement.
On another thread I stated that this dimwit probably believes jobs for terrorists is the answer because all liberal progressives believe every problem can be solved with other people's money. While this is accurate, there is a better explanation. She is simply under orders from the CEO, Obama, that religion is off limits as a factor. Since religion is the obvious causal factor to anyone with a functioning brain, she is simply spouting the next best explanation. Unfortunately for her, there is no next best explanation. There is no explanation possible that will ever make the slightest bit of sense except the one she cannot admit because it is her job to deny it. I actually feel a little bit sorry for the predicament she is in. Of course, is she had the slightest inkling of character, she would simply tell the truth and be fired and find another job.
"the decision to play matchmaker for America’s two main terrorist antagonists reveals astonishingly poor judgment." Assuming that the person responsible for this, Mr Obama, would not wish to see a reconciliation between these two men. In that, I would question the judgment of Mr. Wood for making that assumption. Did not our president publicly state that if it came down to it, he would take the side of Islam. Why assume he was lying simply to ingratiate himself with Muslims as some kind of messianic mediator who could end the war on terror rather than simply speaking the truth. I don't think he wants "peace in our time". He wants them to win. Naturally, it takes stupendous ignorance for someone to want this but, then when has he ever displayed any actual understanding about virtually anything?
I don't know why they work themselves up into a frenzy every time someone mouths some conservative sayings. It usually just amounts to words anyway and very quickly, the republican starts governing like a democrat. It is so much easier to just say yes to everyone's wishes and raise taxes to accomplish it instead of making the tough choices. Scott Walkers are far and few between. Don't worry dems. Even if he does govern with conservative principles and postpones the day of reckoning. You will soon enough get a chance to get back on the fast train to bankruptcy. It just might take a few more years to get there now.
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Lee Zeldin: A Rising Star in the GOP

Hitchhiker Wrote: Feb 16, 2015 2:50 PM
Rising star??? Certainly appears to be another plain vanilla congress critter so far. I checked to make sure before posting but, as I suspected, he voted for Boehner as speaker. Let's go down the list shall we. Supports veterans. Pretty risky stance there eh? Likes apple pie. Likes women. Hmm. He is against gridlock in Washington. I guess that is why he supports Obama Boehner Care. “It’s something that should never have been written into Obamacare in the first place,” he added, referring to the job-killing provision. He argued that fixing broken laws and helping veterans get ahead is “a win-win." So Obama Boehner Care is a great piece of legislation that just needs a little tweak here and there to help veterans. What a puff piece on a nobody that will do nothing to help this country except pass more legislation he believes in on top of the already too slim federal register. If this is conservative, no wonder the country is going down the tubes so fast. He may not even get a chance to enjoy his new gold plated world class pension, and you wonder why he didn't stay in the state senate, before it all comes tumbling down. Poor guy.
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Embarrassing Economists

Hitchhiker Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 8:55 PM
Someone should send a link to Krugman of the hamburger machine someone is testing. It has the potential to completely eliminate fast food workers. Not only is it vastly more productive than human beings but, it also has the added benefit of not having sick slovenly humans sneezing on the food or handling it after using the restroom and failing to wash their hands. I would certainly prefer a fast food burger from a machine every time.
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And In Conclusion ... There Wasn't One

Hitchhiker Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 3:01 PM
What a great column as always Mr. Greenberg.
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Obama's Small-Screen Worldview

Hitchhiker Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 5:32 PM
"ultimately fail ... because the future is won by those who build and not destroy." If that really is true then conservatives have nothing to fear. The progressives must lose because they build nothing and only 'redistribute' what others create. Of course, they have been winning, Obama himself, being the most recent example, and the jihadists can win also. The reason can be summed up in one word. Demographics. Read Mark Steyn's America Alone. Of course, that was written B.O. before Obama. Under him, America cannot be alone. We must rush to join the rest of the world in surrendering to Islam. One of the other failings of progressives is the belief that a simple majority can never err. All communist ideologues believe that utopia can be achieved as long as 50.01% vote for it or can be strong armed into it.
Nicely done. When I read the original column I thought it was very well written and also provocative which you do seem to excel at causing your critics to accuse you of being inflammatory. The first article I saw afterwards about it was critical but, lacked exactly what you claim here, a point, or an argument against your point. Unfortunately, one of the major problems of our times is that people perceive things quite different than they actually are or from an unbiased perspective. I immediately read another article that supported you. I thought you made a good point and that was the point after all. Keep em on their toes Ann.
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Get Ready for Denials

Hitchhiker Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 11:20 AM
Sadly, I believe the answer to your final question is yes. We have become that stupid as a collective.
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