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You are almost right. Actually it is half the population is below the MEDIAN IQ which is not necessarily the average IQ but it is pretty close. Also keep in mind the this half that is below the median IQ are responsible for Obama being voted back into office and responsible for most of the Democrats in congress. These low IQ people are Obama's and the Demcrats base.
I can't believe that anyone takes this idiot Krugman seriously are even bothers to waste their time reading anything he writes. But then we have to realize that half the population is below the median IQ and they are Obama's base and voted him in office. So at least some of these low IQ voters probably believe what Krugman says.
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Liberal Media: Obama's Front Line

HistoryLover Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:39 PM
Thank goodness for the Internet as the main source for truthful news if you look for it. Can you imagine where this country would be now if the Internet didn't exist and the only news source was the main stream media. We would already be where Cuba is with 95 % of our Congress and elected officials hard left Marxists and Communists
Absolutely disgusting! Communism is not far away for the US as leftists try to make us like Cuba with equal poverty for everyone. Obama will be very happy if he succeeds in his quest to bring this about,
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The Republicans' Primary Problem

HistoryLover Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 8:53 AM
The Republicans primary problem is that half the population of the US is below the median IQ and the vast majority of them vote for Democrats and voted for Obama
ideaminer wrote: "The CBO also has about the same track record as flipping a coin" Wow ! He is dead wrong on this. This would mean that the CBO is right half the time. They are not even close to this. They might be right about 10% of the time!
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Prophets and Losses

HistoryLover Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 3:09 PM
What a radical, left wing, liberal nut case poor WilliamGosset is. He will not find one commentator on this site that agrees with him. Everyone that reads Thomas Sowell's brilliant writings knows he is a genius. Now, click on his name above and it will take you to a page with all his comments. You will see his a true idiot nut case. Also note that he has just recently gone to Town Hall since his first comment is January 29, 2013
Liberals promote class warfare and wish to harm the wealthy and help the poor. The funny thing is, everything the Democrats do does the opposite. Liberal policies hurt the poor and middle classes far more than they do the wealthy. The living standards of the wealthy will not go down. They have more than enough of a wealth cushion to maintain their standard of living. Liberal policies will continue to increase the gap between the wealthy and the middle and poor classes.
Unless we get rid of Obama and the Democrats, the collapse of the US us certain. Impeach Obama and vote out all Dems in the next election and we might stand a chance for survival. Otherwise we are doomed.
Olson's article title says: "NBC Laments ‘Upper Class Has Just About Won’ Against Unions" LETS HOPE ! ! ! Unions have been causing massuve damage to this country for years. And the biggest damage has been their helping cause the re-elelction of our POS Liar In Chief Obama.
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