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Tea Cup Poodles for Obama

Hisemiester Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 9:27 AM
I always thought there were only two states that could successfully succeed from the union. Ca. and Texas. Now if Ca. succeeded from the union she would collapse into oblivion. I do think if Texas succeeded I would move there. Only one state to the south west.

Last week amid the sound and fury of the Wisconsin recall there was an item that went relatively unheralded except for a new few mentions on the web: namely the GOP criticism of the sitting president’s chummy relationship with America’s glitterati. The RNC has a video on YouTube entitled “Meanwhile” which lists the nation’s unemployment numbers beneath images from the now famous Obama campaign video in which one can win dinner with the president. 

The intent of the video is clear: the president is out of touch with the country when it comes to the plight...

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