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Obama Is a Big Spender…Just Like Bush

Hisemiester Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 9:39 AM
Any old country farmers want to run for president? These guys are the ones needed in government as they have seen and fought through it all. Just let them bring their shot guns to Wash. They have had to rid their farms of varmints through the years. Maybe we will get something done. If nothing else than to rid gov-ment of the riff raff. You think?

A couple of weeks ago, I debunked the myth that Obama is a fiscal conservative by showing how TARP masks his real record.

I then followed up that post by showing that Obama is a traditional leftist who spends on social welfare programs, but also did a final post showing that Bush was similarly profligate.

Now we have some additional research confirming these points. Art Laffer and Steve Moore investigate Obama’s claim in today’s Wall Street...