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Tagg Romney: I'm Not Running for MA Senate

hiran Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:22 AM
"Fake-Phoney-Fraud" Fiendish liars K-Rove, McConnell, Boehnor, S-Law's, Fake "Conservative-Victory-Fund !" They're Glad for Blunderous Rep-losses they can use as "legitimate-looking-sounding-excuses" To go after upstanding competent pro-USA-USC-Tea Partyers, Steve King, Ron Paul, L-Gomert, A-West, Rand Paul, L-Barletta, T-Huelskamp, M-Bachman, Rove, McConnell, Boehnor, S-Law are devious anti-USA-USC-anti-Tea-Party-Cons, pro-Big-Bus-Corp-$$-Oligarch-serving-USTraitors ! "Their "Secret-Covert-Hidden-Agenda-Goals-Plans" have nothing to do with getting rid of, "incompetent-stubborn-Akin-Mourdock, unqualified McDonnell, worthy losers Buck, Angle, "Tea Party types" at all !" It's to get rid of all popular-winning Tea Party politicians !

The search for a viable Republican candidate for now-Secretary of State John Kerry's former Senate seat continues, as Tagg Romney ended speculation that he's considering a run for the position. Mitt Romney's eldest son stated that he will not seek the seat, citing a desire to spend time with his family and continue growing his business -- as well as his father's dismal performance there in November's election.

In an e mail to ABC News, Tagg Romney says he is not running for U.S. Senate.

"I have been humbled by the outreach I received this weekend...