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Ron Paul On Murdered Navy Seal: He Pretty Much Deserved It

hiran Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 5:34 AM
Center-right-Republicans, Rand Paul, Steve King, Mike Lee, Louis Gomert, Lou Barletta, Tim Huelskamp, Justin Amash, Devin Nunez, Mike Pence, John Kasich, Trey Gowdy, Scott Walker, Sheriff Joe, Marsha Blackburn, Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Haley, Deb Fischer, J-Brewer, S-Martinez, and many more like them in the US-House-Senate, State Houses, should be the leaders in the Republican Party ! 2 "Fake-Conservatives" McAmnesty and his protege Grahamnesty both sounded like they were overdoing their "anti-Hagel-hype !" If Chuck Hagel is confirmed, watch his every move, then judge him by the short-long-term-results of his decisions-actions, hold him accountable, he will do the right thing because he wants to and we're watching what he does so closely !

Former Rep. Ron Paul apparently isn't quite ready to leave the spotlight. Today on his Twitter feed, the failed presidential candidate decided to opine on the recent murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was helping a fellow soldier recover from PTSD at the time he was killed.


Kyle was known as the "deadliest" sniper and holds the record for the most sniper kills of terrorists in U.S. history. Kyle was a hero and a family man who dedicated his post-military life to helping soldiers recovering...