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ObamaMiles Tax Coming Soon

hiimterry Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 1:43 PM
"...that will allow charging more based on time of day, type of road taken or where one wishes to go i.e. into downtown business districts." Here in GA we have High Occupancy Toll lanes that do that already. They charge according to how far you are driving and how much traffic is on the road at any given time. A route that costs $.09 in the afternoon will cost $6.50 in the morning, because of rush hour traffic. I'm not making those figures up. They don't require GPS, you're just required to set up an account and display and RFID tag. No doubt those will be placed on all license plates soon.

Yet another "Trust Fund" is broke. This time, discussion involves an alleged "Transportation Trust Fund".

As with Social Security, there is no "Transportation Trust Fund", only a stack of unmarketable IOUs from one branch of government to another.

If there is any trust in the system, there shouldn't be, and soon won't be. Obama will surely see to that.

Grid Chicago reports Charging by the mile, a gas tax alternative, sees serious movement.

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