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Gov. Romney Was Correct

hiimterry Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 10:39 AM
“The Government” claims it needs more money from citizens in order to support current spending. If 47% of Americans either don’t pay income taxes or get back more from the income tax system than they actually put in (which is a party neutral fact) and asking them to actually pay income taxes places an unfair burden on them, then doesn’t it follow that the amount of money the government spends is what is unfairly burdensome? It seems that should strike people as basic logic.
As readers of this column and viewers of Fox News Channel may know, I have not hesitated to criticize Gov. Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and the governor himself. I have argued that his message is muddled and his values are unknown beyond his ardent wish to improve economic conditions through the use of free market mechanisms rather than central economic planning, a position with which I agree entirely.

I have also maintained that his willingness to abandon, or not to accept, first principles has made these questions reasonable: If Romney is elected president, which Romney will show up for...