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I wasn't a loadmaster, but from what I understand some MRE loads can be dropped without parachutes. The MRE's can survive the drop and the idea is that the container will break apart and spread the MRE's over a wider area. That's supposed to give more people access to the aid and prevent hoarding. The alternative story that I read said that some of the aid was dropped by Iraqi's using helicopters and that if there were any erroneous drops it was likely by them. In any event, I'm very skeptical of the whole story. And, I maintain that the manner in which the supplies were dropped is not the responsibility of the administration. The administrations says, "Drop supplies." and the Air Force then carries out the order. The manner in which the supplies are dropped ultimately falls to the OIC of whatever unit is doing the drops. The President can't possibly know if that is being done correctly or not.
"After the administration finally stumbled into helping the Kurds, airdrops of food, water, and other provisions were ordered to the area. They have, however, had little effect thus far because “it was dropped from 15,000ft without parachutes and exploded on impact.” " I'm no fan of Obama (to put it mildly), but the "drops without parachutes" thing is not fair criticism. First, it has been pretty fairly disputed that U.S. crews dropped loads without parachutes. I was in the Air Force, I don't believe for one second that a crew would drop a load without a parachute unless it was the BEST way to drop the load. Second, even if it was true that loads were dropped without parachutes in error, how can you blame the president for that? It's not like he's on the flightline inspecting the loads before they're placed aboard the aircraft. Should I blame Edward Atsinger if Michael Schaus leaves out a comma or fails to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence?
Wait, wasn't Sarah Palin roasted by the left for not being able to tell Katie Couric what newspapers she read? I guess she would have been better off telling Katie, "I don't read newspapers, I already know everything."
Well played, Cathy. Very well played.
This is what the war on drugs has wrought. You can expect more of the same.
The other 45% don't understand the law.
His parents did not even report him missing and he was a John Doe for two days before his parents finally figured out what had happened to him. You would think that if you can't find your son and a boy fitting his description had just been shot in your neighborhood you would pretty quickly put two and two together. That goes beyond lack of parental involvement to absolute complacency.
"Until Libertarians have a serious candidate running on more than just legalization of marijuana..." Wow, you went stupidly sideways in a hurry. This is where I stopped reading, because, well, you let me know early on that you had nothing cogent to say.
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Educational Rot

hiimterry Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 1:18 PM
Here are two things that were actually told to me at a recent parent/teacher conference: "Most everything is written on computers these days and all computers have spell check programs, so we don't really focus on spelling too much." "With computers on every desk and a text capable phone in every hand, handwriting just isn't done anymore, so, we don't teach cursive writing anymore. It's just not an worthwhile use of learning time."
At $74,000 per week the the White House could be staffed for 2.5 weeks for the cost of operating Air Force One for one hour. That's just the cost to operate that one airplane, never mind the three or four others that travel with it when the president goes somewhere. Remember that the next time Obama jets off to meet with a constituent group or play golf somewhere.
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