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The Big Debate - REE-act

Highsider Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 9:29 PM
It becomes obvious as we watch the debate video while remembering President Obama’s dependence upon teleprompters, that he and his team are using a phone or other device to relay text to the President as he stands there seemingly on his own two feet. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work out for them. In order to read it, the president had to stare intently at what’s on the top of his lectern and the text was so small that it was just too cumbersome to be very effective. (you will notice that the lecterns were situated in such a way that no one, including the Governor could see what might be there on the opponent’s lectern top.) I don’t believe that it was a case of the President looking down often. Watch the video – he was...
Highsider Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 9:35 PM
peering down trying to read something! The debate moves on to where the candidates are asked to respond to each other, and the shift to split screen takes place. As we watch on the split screen, we can see Governor Romney looking down briefly to scribble notes occasionally. In fact we can sometimes see his microphone shake a bit with the reaction to his writing. At around 10 minutes we begin to see Obama peering down for long periods, trying desperately to read what is on his cheat-a-prompter. This just keeps happening throughout.
SURPRISE to the Obama team……. Looking down so much as he tries to read that secret teleprompter, makes him look more lame than if he’d just kept his head up and ad-libbed.

The pundiferous universe was acting as if the laws of political physics had been repealed as it tried to make sense of Barack Obama's abysmal performance in his debate with Mitt Romney Wednesday night.

Why didn't Obama respond? Why didn't Obama mention the 47 percent? Or Bain Capital. Or that dog-on-the-roof-of-the-car thing?

Why, at a minimum, didn't Obama challenge Romney on the facts?

The initial response of the Left was to try and change the subject. "How about them right wingers, huh?" Or, "Well, Al Sharpton thought Obama was great!"

By Thursday afternoon, the Obama campaign (and MSNBC) had reverted to...

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