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How the NRA Stole Christmas

Highsider Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 4:26 PM
The fact is, there are only two kinds of sales that take place at gun shows, those by licensed gun dealers and those by private gun owners. The majority of these are by the licensed dealers, all of which, regardless of the hysteria generated by the left, do indeed involve background checks. They throw this in to expand the import of what really bothers them, but could not stand on its own two legs. Namely, that the minor part of these sales, those by private parties to other private parties residing in the same State, are treated the same as if I were your neighbor and sold you a gun from my collection that you particularly admired. No background check required. Continued next post

A day late and a dollar short best describes the National Rifle Association’s inept response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. As the nation’s most powerful defender of the second amendment (the right to bear arms), the NRA displayed cowardly silence for more than a week following the shooting. Then four days before Christmas, the NRA held ghoulish 30-minute press conference America would have been better off never witnessing.

Contrary to the banners held up by protesters at the event that read “ the NRA kills children,” it doesn’t but the NRA does do VERY bad public relations....