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Ya for those who listen to all the people who are clueless on how to actualy restart jobs it sounds foreign but in history its factual. The 1869-1882 depression was caused by the the murder of worlds only inventor Isiah Roberts by Edison and Canegie. The great depresion was caused by the patent office cheating my grandfather of all his patents. The 1954 end of the deperssion was caused by my birth and inventons and five recession restarts in each decade were caused by me.
Well yes tempory jobs stimlious has failed as you would expect instead of creating jobs the only way permadent ones ever have been created, large scale invention conception by the wolds only four inventors 1768 to 2012 with adaquate funding for top only projects and progressive instead of retartive patent reform
No the less funded new products entering the market by invention conception means more demand satisfaction and less new jobs. Ben Bernanke never funded our worlds only inventor me!
Te great depression was a patent office patent inventorship fraud induced event. My grandfather had enough of the office putting his patents in the wrong name. The new reform only establishes new methods of cheating the inventor so expect another 24 year or more depression
Yup anything over 35% incometax will stall there economy and destroy the incentive to work and prosper and the rob the correct managers of the reinvestment of their money the russian and chineese failed experiments in communism havent sunk in to bad to have an idiot in charge
You mean the beginning of the longest depression immaginable. Yes and quite predictable we elect virtual dumies and expect stellar performances for relative peanuts pay. Still no invention conception stimulious means no new products = no new jobs market expansion. Regressive patent reform instead of progressive means the depression continues
One thing that Oboma does is blame the conciever of the invention for failure when they wont even pay him as a consultant after the invention has been stolen from him to begin with
One of the problems is they just set a figure for alternative energy projects then pick the best available projects for investment this means picked over and non viable projects are invested in instead of top projects from top concievers that want to protect there statistical investment odds. The other thing they dont do is have plan b switchovers when original plans become obviously non advanceable
The loan guarantee program has been an enormious failure due to the lack of correct investment due to lack of correct patent reform causing lack of correct projects to work on. This coupled with lack of recognition of the correct top invention concievers to invest with means the depression continues. I restarted the great depression in 1954 and restarted the economy in all five recessions and now were going into the third depression because the idiots in washington wont listen
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Symptoms of a sick culture

highdemocratist Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 8:29 AM
If I was the lifeguard ide sue the employer and insurance co. there policies could have caused a death by malicious regulation and get that job back he should have ordered everyone out of the water before he left though
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