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Hmm: IRS May Revoke Tax-Exempt Status for Political Nonprofits

HighCommander Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 10:52 AM
They can have all the freedom of speech they want...but if they decide to engage in political speech, taxpayers do not have to SUBSIDIZE that free sppech by giving them tax-exempt status. It's a pretty straightforward deal, really. You can be a tax-exempt, non-parttisan can be a partisan non-tax-exempt organization.

A recent Internal Revenue Service decision has politically-affiliated nonprofit organizations worried that their donor rolls are about to shrink. Last month, the IRS revoked tax-exempt status for Emerge America, a nonprofit that trained Democratic women as candidates for office -- and now, major organizations on both sides of the aisle fear they're next.

The recent IRS decision sends a signal that it may turn its attention after November’s election to major nonprofits involved in this year’s election, said Marcus Owens, a lawyer and former IRS director who oversaw nonprofits.

“The message is groups like Crossroads [GPS] need...