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Mr. Reid is not pointing out the evils and frailties of the Koch brothers. He is engaging in the self-pitying behavior of tearing everyone else down so that he by comparison looks better than his opponents. He is deflecting the attention off of his own non-action and onto "The Left's Perception" of the Koch Brothers' action. He is attempting to personalize it by naming individuals rather than a faceless entity (i.e., "conservatives"): this makes it easier for his followers to identify "the enemy." He doesn't have valid talking points, so instead flings ad hominem attacks. The repeat rhetoric I hear out of this guy's mouth is unfailingly predictable: "They're trying to buy America" (whatever that means). If I ever hear about a more useless person than Harry Reid, I'll let you know. Don't hold your breath.
You mean it's as simple as supporting the causes that the Koch brothers support? That's all I have to do to get the Demobrats out of office? Shut up and take my money!
what's your point?
Is it okay if I plan to feed starving people with the meat, even if I'm not one of them?
"Robin Hood" plan? Is that what Maher said? Didn't Robin Hood return to the poor taxpayers what the aristocracy had stolen? Didn't Robin Hood take from the wealthy what they had received in usurious "tax" payments from the (already) poor? Didn't Robin Hood take back the money the wealthy had not earned and return it to the people who earned it? This isn't a "Robin Hood" plan. This is simple theft by legislation. Obama is taking money from those who earned it and using it to give services to those who haven't earned them. And for some reason, DWS believes this removes the burden of paying for the services from us. She obviously failed simple math. Neal D-T said it won't fail because of the 5% who don't get to keep their health plan. What he didn't say is that it will fail because people will have to pay more for their coverage than they have been paying, and they'll have to have coverage that doesn't apply to them. (I'm nearing retirement age, and I'm a male, but I have to buy maternity insurance because some government idiot decided that at a minimum, I need maternity insurance. Oh, and my premium doubled, and my deductible went up.)
2:05 in -- "thousands...can get healthcare like everybody else" as if it's to make sure people get health insurance... but the small business owner who introduced him already had health insurance before she complied with the requirement. Fact: 100% of the populace (except for special exemptions for POTUS' buddies) must comply with this unconstitutional requirement (I refuse on principle to call it a "law"), but it benefits only a small percentage. Aren't Democrats the party of "majority rules"? Why is the majority forced to comply for the benefit of the minority?
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