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25 People, Places And Things Barack Obama Loves To Hate

hidefullofHoney Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 11:35 AM
&don't expect an answer on BenghaziGate--------no 1 in the MEDIA expects a STRAIGHT ANSWER-@BarackObama made the CALL 3 TIMES 2 STAND DOWN&left our AMBASSADOR &3 other FEDERAL EMPLOYEES--------We WANT ANSWERS----------THEIR blood is on his hands------------- no more OBAMA.-GREAT ARTICLE-

25) Debate preparation, obviously.

24) Facts.

23) When he has to talk to Sasha and Malia about getting in trouble at school and his teleprompter is broken.

22) People who don't want to "spread (their) wealth around" to pay for Obama phones, Egyptian foreign aid, and free birth control for Sandra Fluke.

21) Chris Matthews for not being biased enough in his favor.

20) Women who have concerns that go beyond government-funded abortion and birth control, gay Americans who vote on issues other than gay marriage, Hispanic Americans who...