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You can't get on their wavelength, unless your brain has been fried by the same stuff. And that is the same big waste of human beings potential. As far as communication goes, forget it~!!~
Time to put this "BULLSH_T story to bed~!!~ Thanks Guys & girls, it has been fun reading these blogs & comments. Gives this gunowner a warm, fuzzy feeling, to know what is out there. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY & YOUR ENEMIES WITHIN RANGE>......
Why do you think they are at such a premium for collecting & limiting how many bullets you & I can buy~?~ I read a blog that said Homeland Security had bought enough Ammo to fight a seven year WAR just recently. Guess who they plan on using it upon~?~ Not the 11 Million undocumented aliens that voted for Obama & his Gang.
Naw, He has a backup at the CFR. All he has to do is follow the script, which is probably in his pocket copy of the Constitution they all carry~!~
"They" are in for a rude awakening when they come up against all the AK-47s and Bushmasters with hi-cap magazines, once their "LAWS" are passed, & they think we are going to roll over and play dead after they come for the guns they have outlawed.
They all followed & emulated their Leader, Mr.Clinton (Slick Willy).
Yeah & that is why Joe Arpio out in Arizona is fighting an attempted "recall"; because He is doing His JOB & the criminals & illegals are complaining to the establishment about the jail time, after all; they all voted for Obama & his gang(several times).
Are you "reading" Obama's Mind~??~
These people are pathetic. If we could incite the criminally insane like Adam Lanza to take their frustrations out on them, instead of the first graders, the World would have to improve for everybody!!~
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