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Oprah Dumping Obama?

HerrCaptain Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 9:25 AM
If Oprah STILL likes and thinks highly of Barack Obama, then Oprah needs professional mental help real fast!! Obama is the KING of the Losers and The Pied Piper of B.S.!!!

The talk queen isn't exactly breaking up with the guy, but she isn't willing to fully embrace him either, or so she says. Oprah Winfrey has said although she still supports President Obama, she won't be taking the extra step to hit the campaign trail with or for him this time around.

Oprah Winfrey said today that while she is “not going to be out there” as a booster  for President Obama during the 2012 general election campaign, her support has not dimmed.

“I’m 100 percent behind our president. I actually love our...