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Don't Blame Campaign Aides for GOP's Woes

HeroOfTheMasses Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 10:12 AM
Great leaders, whether they be in government or in the private sector, surround themselves with strong, highly intelligent, passionate people. Ideally, you want those people to loyal, but also fully honest. At the end of the day, the leaders are the ones who make the decisions, not the talking heads.
HeroOfTheMasses Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 10:17 AM
On the other hand, I do blame the GOP establishment for the idiotic GOP primary debates that occurred in 2012. We let leftist media commentators define the agenda. The infamous birth control pill question by Steffy that began the entire 'war on women' nonsense. The continuous questioning on everything except the economy. GOP state party leaders undermined our efforts to craft our message by not picking decent questioners for the primary debates.

If there was any villain at the just-completed Conservative Political Action Conference, it was the generic figure of the Republican political consultant. Overpaid, unprincipled, always on the lookout for the next client -- or easy mark -- the consultants, to listen to a number of CPAC speakers, have helped bring the Republican Party to its current low state.

Democratic consultant Pat Caddell got the ball rolling with his remarks at a CPAC session titled “Should We Shoot All the Consultants Now?”

“The Republican Party,”Caddell said, “is in the grips of what I call the CLEC -- the consultant, lobbyist and establishment...