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Some sanity in the world!
The new line among Hollywood is that this is now ok, because women "own it". That's a bit like saying that I'm ok, because I'm no longer the drug buyer, but now I'm the drug dealer. Instead of other people profiting from my weakness, now I'm profiting from theirs. It's just as insidious, if not more so.
"Here's an idea: What about a renewed appreciation for differences, adding a little feminine modesty to engender male restraint?" Hmmm, sounds a bit like "She had it coming dressed that way." -Hulk No, actually, it doesn't and I think that the fact that you're the only one who read it that way, probably indicates a misreading on your part and perhaps you should re-read it. I'm not how you jumped from "engender male restraint" being the same as "an excuse to try her out", but that leap is larger than the Grand Canyon.
How about just evaluating the quote on its own, instead of restating it so that it has a different meaning? Probably, because it would throw off the 'logic' that you would try to use in the subsequent paragraph. In Christianity, the Two Greatest Commandments are 1) Love God and 2) Lover your neighbor as yourself. Of the sins that are particularly bad are those that encourage others to sin. To dress scantily so as to deliberately cause men to sin (presumably for some advantage) is a great evil.
"It's supposed to be something dirty - unclean and needs to be hidden." -Duane Ah, the old straw man argument. That is a typical mis-characterization of Christian thinking that has been out of fashion for probably 200 years. I'm sure that if you visit Amish country, you might find some with this view of sex as a "necessary sin", but I'll bet that if you visited 100 ministers and priests, you'll find 99 that say that sex is neither "dirty", nor "unclean".
There's also plenty of it aimed at men. Take A&F oversized homo-erotic posters that are in plain view as you walk by. Or Calvin Klein's many homo-erotic ads over the years, the worst of being the infamous jeans ad that looked like child porn.
This hypocrite two-step that the media, including advertisers play. When Ben & Jerry's, Home Depot, JCP and others use marketing that is pro-homosexual marriage, they will unquestionably tell you that they are trying to help the cause through their advertisements. But then when you dare suggest that porn-style marketing has an effect on our culture, they run behind this fake line that "we're not trying to influence anybody, we're just following what's already out there". Nice try, but the facts of hypocrisy shoot you right down.
Ever see a little league dad?
In all fairness, in America we consider both bowling and pro bass fishing to be sports. We ought not be making too much fun of soccer.
Except that you also just described the NBA.
While I normally like Ann's bluntness, I *hate* the fact that I must hate something that other people love. I'd rather just ignore it. And I say this as someone who personally doesn't plan to watch a soccer game any time this century. And she completely goes off the deep end by railing against the metric system. Maybe the English system is better for carpenters who worked in the 18th century, but most today use rulers. Being trained as a lawyer and now working as a writer, she hasn't had much need for science classes, but there is a world of pain when using the English system. Using the metric system, you do a lot of moving the decimal around when doing conversions. When using the English system, you have to keep multiplying conversion factors. How many square feet are in a square mile? Can you do it without a calculator? In under a minute? Also, I'm pretty sure that most of us prefer team players over individual players. Most traditional conservatives that I know can't stand the college basketball player who plays for himself rather than being a team player. Isn't the reason that we loved Larry Bird, because he made his teammates better?
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