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You've got to love the way the Left can nuance language. For Dems (incl BO), "political courage" means standing up to the Republicans and ignoring the country when a decision is unpopular (e.g. Obamacare) However when applied to others (e.g. Netanyahu), "political courage" is supposed to mean standing up to members of his own party.
I don't know if I'd call it a wave. 5-38 has had the GOP with a greater than 60% chance of winning the senate for about 2 months. Today, it's at 63%. The big question marks are Kansas and Georgia, with the latter having 70% chance of a runoff.
The dirty little secret about voter id is that it has nothing to do with fraud and nothing to do with racism. The truth is that the world's slackers who are unmotivated to get a job are also unmotivated to vote. These are prototypical Democrats, so the party Dems really, really want them to vote. Through social media, Democrats, have figured out that if they hold block parties with free food and drink that they can round these people up, put them on a bus and get them to vote, especially since many cities offer early voting. Now comes this extra requirement for an id and the unmotivated were, well, too unmotivated to go get a new id after they lost their driver's license. So the Democrats try to sell these requirements as racist and the GOP talks about combating fraud when what's really happening is that the parties are fighting over the New American: the unmotivated slacker.
LOL. People are leaving Catholicism and joining Anglicanism, because the Anglicans are more progressive on gay issues? Seriously? Have you seen the attendance numbers of the Episcopal Church? Have you seen the attendance numbers in the Anglican Church in England? The only place where the Anglican Church is growing is Africa. Oh, but that's where Anglican Churches strongly condemn homosexuality.
Yeah, except the Supreme Court struck down Texas' law and put Wisconsin's on hold until after the election.
Well, given how much time that liberals spent on Bristol Palin's issues, I'm sure that Huffpo and the rest will make this front page news. Nothing? Well, I'm sure that's just because they're not out of bed yet as most of them don't have real jobs. I'm sure that this weekend we'll see MSNBC and CNN all over this story.
You could make the same argument for why Obama wouldn't win.
Newt?!? Newt was a blowhard. He was always spouting something to get us into trouble. One moment it was the "that's what orphanages are for" comment, the next moment it was his every-child-should-get-a-free-laptop idea. And then there was when he undercut Paul Ryan's ideas for transforming Medicare. Oh, and let's not forget his chummy chummy relationship with Hillary between elections. Newt was a modern day Plato - the only government that he really liked was one with a philosopher-king, with him as the philosopher-king.
It's called playing not to lose. Football teams do this all the time. Ironically, they often lose when following this strategy.
Ann used to love Christie, because of his combative style, but I haven't heard her mention him much ever since the bear hug that he gave Obama after the hurricane.
Keep things in perspective. Maine is a place for socialists and while Collins casts many bad votes, she's good at casting one very important vote correctly that no Democrat will ever cast: the vote in January for Majority Leader. All other votes pale in importance to this one. The party that controls the chamber determines which bills come up and which ones don't.
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