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If the HHS mandate stands, the First Amendment is dead. These are nuns. They specifically made a pledge for life to a vocation that involves practicing faith. If the First Amendment wasn't designed to protect a group such as this, then what exactly is it designed to protect?
"White House economist Gene Sperling says restoring the benefits ... lead to the creation of 200,000 jobs and economic growth." The benefits are paid for through tax dollars and debt, which lead to the destruction of jobs and economic growth, but I guess that's just an inconvenient truth to be ignored.
A Pessimist's Prediction for 2014: Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by taking up immigration 'reform' and having a heated intra-party argument all while the Democrats and MSM sit back and laugh.
Obamacare is a welfare program, just like any other. It transfers money from one set of peoples to another. In this case, the sick are the ones getting the benefit. The people having money taken from them, include the healthy, workers at large companies with plush, "Cadillac" benefits and doctors. Doctors are natural targets: they're in the top 20% of earners. Most of them seem to have been taken unaware -- probably, because so many follow a secular, humanist worldview. They just couldn't face the reality that another secular humanist (Obama) would do anything to hurt them.
In part it's the GOP's fault for trying to play the game issue-by-issue, instead of focusing on a broader message: we believe in a creator who knows better than man does and that a smaller government is a better government.
It's official, there are now more comments on Martin Bashir resigning than there were actual viewers of his show!
If only Dante were alive, he could answer that one.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! It's not 'holiday' break yet, where is MSNBC going to find an available 12 year old to fill his spot?
What liberals always seem to fail to understand is "why" workers get paid at all -- it's because they generate some type of value. In order for a starting McDonald's worker to be worth $15 / hr, a McDonald's meal would need to be worth $12+ for one person or $30+ for a family. It's not.
Many mainstream denominations (mainly those that are bleeding membership) tilt far to the left.
Clearly these Dems don't understand The Chicago Way. β€œThe thing that pisses me off the most is there was a conscious decision not to tell the president how bad things were, and he was not well served by that,” Umm, the Chicago way says that's exactly what you're supposed to do: give POTUS plausible deniability (aka "I didn't know"). In the case of Obamacare, the WH deliberately kept requirements from the IT team for months right before the election. The obvious reason is that the WH didn't want any leaked info making it into a Romney campaign ad. Now, POTUS can't just go out and say "yeah, we deliberately made it harder to get this thing right, but c'mon, everybody knows that was secondary to winning the election", so instead advisers 'don't tell the President' *wink,wink* and he can go out and say ... um, I wasn't aware how bad it was. At the end of the day, he's still POTUS and Obamacare is still law so he really hasn't lost anything.
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