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The media always seems to always fail mention 2 important facts: 1) North Korea gets to do this, because their crazy dictator has the bomb, and 2) they got the bomb under the watch of Bill Clinton.
Why is it that no one is reminding us that North Korea got the bomb under Clinton's watch?
YES!!! I have been waiting so long for the 2nd coming of Fred Thompson (candidate who thinks that he can govern, but doesn't really like campaigning). Haven't you?
Great, just what we need: Fred Thompson For President ver 2.0.
"C'mon Jeff, the public doesn't want border enforcement. You've way off base here. What the public is clamoring for is banking de-regulation." - John Boehner
Yes. If they lose the Senate in November 2016, then they should restore it in December 2016.
The key question comes 16 seconds in: "Are you offering the venue as a defense for saying it or for meaning it?", Gowdy asks. The problem here for Gruber isn't that he said what he said, the problem is that what he said is true: Obamacare was passed by tricking the American people.
When it comes to getting elected or passing sweeping social engineering programs, the Democrats go by the philosophy that the End Justifies the Means. When it comes to protecting the country from evil, however, Democrats won't use torture, because the End Doesn't Justify The Means. It's very illustrative to see where their priorities are.
If a terrorist kidnaps a young school girl and forces her to commit to Islam, is it ok to subject that person to sleep deprivation or barking dogs? What if that person knows of an upcoming attack that will kill hundreds? Thousands? What if that person knows of an upcoming attack with a nuclear device that will kill tens of thousands and affect the health of millions? Is it ok then? Democrats don't want this debate. We already know, through the MSM, that the U.S. has used various techniques to gain information from terrorists / terrorist suspects: waterboarding, sleep deprivation, loud noise, barking dogs, etc. Can't the Democrats just come out with a bill that specifies which are acceptable and which aren't and in what circumstances? Why do we need a report? But then I remembered one word: HuffPo. If there's one thing that it's one thing that progressives/liberals enjoy more than social engineering, it's being worshipped/praised by their minions of sheep. So instead of debating the issue, they will spend time blaming Bush, the CIA, etc. ... feeding their sheep.
Let me issue this heartfelt request: Please, please, please, Democrats, drag Elizabeth Warren into the race so that she can run on single payer. Please, we conserva, er, fellow Americans are begging you.
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