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About 2 decades ago, a friend of mine and I were having a conversation with a women about politics and the woman made reference to "pro-life Democrats". My friend bluntly stated "there's no such thing as a pro-life Democrat". The woman was visibly upset that my friend would say such a thing. Bart Stupak proved the point. Sure, some elected Democrats claim to be "pro-life" when they're running in non-liberal districts and they will cast pro-life votes - well, when their votes don't matter. But when their votes do matter, they will abandon those supposed pro-life beliefs faster quicker than Obama can get to a golf course. There is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat, there are only pro-abortion Democrats who are liars.
Remember boys and girls, it's not important whether you win or lose, but that you hold hands and do things together. /endsarcasm.
Well, he can't go in and wipe them out, because that sounds like a strategy that Bush would do and as we all know, the only consistent foreign policy that Obama has is that everything that Bush did was wrong.
The world actually needs more Geraldos - honest liberals. Seriously, in an arena of ideas, we'll beat honest liberals. Instead, 99% of liberals are of the dishonest sort. Instead of speaking like Geraldo, they'll utter drool such as "we want to protect hunter's rights, but we want limits on 'assault weapons'".
Liberal commentators throwing in a liberal line - who could have predicted that? We have to be ready for these things. Ronald Reagan's was the "there you go again" line. Romney's biggest problem was that he was trying to play a nuanced game that Barry wasn't "managing" things well, not that there was anything wrong with Barry's foreign policy. Unless you're a lot smarter than the guy that you're facing in the debate, nuanced "I would manage things better" arguments almost never work.
Henry, which of these things couldn't have been predicted? How does a man who has made $100mi + in business get "blindsided" when the Dems attacked his business record? Of course they were going to do that. Dems always do that, everywhere. Yet many Republicans find ways to overcome the lies and win elections. I have no reason to believe that Romney will get that figured out given a 2nd chance.
Sorry, that last sentence should read "Romney didn't want to be called a racist by the media".
The history of 3rd party candidates is to take away votes from one candidate that is seen as closer ideologically (sometimes losing it for them), fading before the next election ever happens and disappearing entirely 2 elections later.
Romney was a wimp against Obama. It would have been fairly easy to craft a an effective message around Obama's laziness. From Obama's admission in a 60 minutes interview about being "lazy" to Bob Woodward writing that that Obama can't sit through negotiations and leaves it to Biden, to the mom jeans picture to all his days playing golf. It would have been an easy sell that the reason that we didn't get a budget, nor a bi-partisan deal on social security, nor effective government policies to stimulate the economy, were all because Obama is too lazy to do the hard work necessary. But Romney never articulated that message, because there is a stereotype that black men are lazy and Obama didn't want to be called a racist by the media.
James Stockdale?
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