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Romney is the spoiler who will knock Jeb out of the race. Bank on it! Walker wins Iowa. Romney wins NH. Then begins the race. Walker will win Iowa. Mitt will win NH. And the race will be between Walker and Romney and Walker will use the issue of Obamacare repeating over and over again something to the gist of "we opted out of Obamacare in my state; your state created it".
The issue is Iran vs Money. In the past, Israel has always done a pretty good job acting as the United States' BFF (they always voted with us on U.N. resolutions far more than anyone else did), because the U.S.A. provides a ton of aid and military support that Israel has relied upon. But now, you've got Iran wanting to build a nuke, but Obama is squeamish. And as it turns out, saving millions of Jewish lives actually turns out to mean more to Israel than being BFF.
Most GOP candidates who win the nomination have run in lost in prior elections. So Rubio will probably be knocked out after New Hampshire, but it will set up up for the next election when the immigration issue may not be as toxic to his candidacy.
And the same ones that threw their medals off the side of bridges.
Bribes occur the most where there is excessive government intrusion into the marketplace. When government makes it tough to do business, through permits, regulation, etc. then canny businessmen will look to bribes to get a deal done. Get rid of excessive government regulations and you'll get rid of 99% of these type of crimes.
Wow, this guy is a true American hero, not some fake one like Chris Kyle, who murdered freedom fighters (terrorists). This guy, on the other hand, deserves the Medal of Honor, for he has laid himself before the merciless enemy (media) in order to protect the Messiah (Obama). Kudos! /end sarcasm>
I hope that he runs. He prevents Bush from coming in and dominating with $$$. Romney can spend heavily against Bush and go negative, which will help anyone-not-named-Bush.
Rush has been using a great quote for years and it should be the first canned reply on this question. "No nation has ever taxed and spent its way to prosperity."
The GOP establishment needs to wake up and realize that the goal of the Democrat party as it relates to Latinos is to turn them into the new blacks - reliant on government programs like Obamacare and almost unanimously voting Democrat. Do Boehner and company not recognize this? Do they truly believe that getting one issue off the table is going to stop Democrats from moving towards that goal? Do they really think that Jorge Ramos will become an ordinary, non-activist journalist when the issue of amnesty is over?
Nobody deserves to be compared to McCain. Well, maybe Bob Dole.
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