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This could be the most significant determining factor in determining whether the GOP wins back the White House. In 2012, the Press managed to promote the talking point that Republicans wanted to outlaw contraception. There was no legislation being sponsored. No candidate had been speaking about it. Yet Clinton pal Steffi decided that it was more important than trivial matters, such as jobs and the economy. There is a third of people who will automatically vote for the Republican and a third will will automatically vote for the Democrat. In the middle, you've got a mess. Some people are rational. Some are concerned with a particular issue or issues. But then, there are some, who 'vote for the candidate' and basically do it as a gut feeling on whether they like the person or not. The goal of the press will be to find issues that makes the Republican candidate unlikable to women and to Latinos. Inviting the Drive By Media to our debates would take the press 75% of the way towards that goal.
To Democrats: Please, please, please make Schumer chair of the DSCC.
Oh man, you just brought to mind Rush Limbaugh's all feminist battalian.
Drum-roll please, WE HAVE OUR SCAPEGOAT!
"Sen. Murkowski ... showed courage in her vote " Did she? No, not really. Votes get counted before the votes get taken. Once the party in power determines that it has enough votes, it will give permission to vulnerable elected officials to vote against the party. This is pretty standard. If the Dems didn't have the votes, they would have pressured Murkowski and she would have voted the other way.
Thank you, Obama for denying that you knew him. I am remembering the line in Clear and Present Danger. "If they call him a friend, you say 'no, he was a good friend'. If they call him a good friend, you call him a 'lifelong friend'. The bomb has already gone off." Obama's staff always has the knee-jerked, Bart Simpson-ish "um, it wasn't us, we didn't do it, you can't prove anything" attitude that they miss that the public would appreciate it if they just owned up to some mistakes once and awhile. Alas, the One doesn't have the humility to ever do that, does he?
You have to love ivory tower libs. Traditional, blue collar, worker Dems (e.g. Hoffa) have long understood that you never explain to the public how the sausages get made. But ivory tower libs are a different breed: they like power, but what they really, really love is having other people think that they're smart. They just can't help themselves. It's the same reason that Obama's handlers put him on a strict teleprompter with no ad-libs diet long ago. Because left to his own devices, he'd want to tell you about how clever he is and his true intentions would come rushing out.
I've already accepted the fact that by 2030, the vast majority of states will have legalized mary jane for rec purposes. The fact is that most people under 50 today have used it at some time in their life AND they don't really feel ashamed about it. In the 70s and 80s, there used to be "don't do drugs" episodes on TV. It seemed like every good TV show had to make one episode to nominate for an Emmy. Today, cable is what's hot and rec use of drugs is celebrated rather than condemned.
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A Tough Night At MSNBC

HeroOfTheMasses Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 5:00 PM
Scott Walker is your 2016 nominee. Bet the house on it.
Why is it that Democrats use every tactic necessary and all that we do is complain? Tonight/tomorrow and for the next week, McConnell needs to spew some lines about "working with the President", "moving to the center", blah, blah, blah. And two weeks from now, he needs to completely disregard what he said on election night and spend the next two years investigating this administration day after day, one leak after another. And every new Benghazi leak should be coincidentally timed to happen on the same day as a major Hillary campaign announcement. That's how the Dems would do it. If we don't, we're fools.
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