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Because one's view of evolution is going to determine whether social security goes bankrupt or is saved? Because one's view on evolution will determine if the country goes bankrupt and we fall into the next Great Depression? Maybe we should ask candidates about their views on whether NASCAR is a sport? Or whether real men play soccer? That would be equally as relevant to 2016.
I can already imagine how this conversation is going to go. Congress (GOP): Did you find out more about the missing e-mails? IRS: Indeed, I did. Congress: And ... IRS: I spoke with Bob, our IT guy. Congress: And ... IRS: He said that they're still missing. Congress: And ... IRS: That's all. Congress: Huh? Did you follow up with who, what, where when or why? IRS: No, but that really doesn't matter anymore does it. I mean, we now know that the emails are still missing. Any additional investigation would just be superfluous.
DNC, please, please, please make Lois your PR director! Do it for the GOP, er I mean, the children!
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Will the GOP Capitulate Again?

HeroOfTheMasses Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 8:22 AM
This is a classic case of someone (Pat) seeing the outcome that he wants (American manufacturing jobs) and then rationalizing the means to achieve it. How can we say that the market determines better outcomes than government and that it would be wrong for government to prefer one business over another .... and then say "but that's only true for non-global, American companies competing against other non-global, American companies"?
Please, Debbie, please run. As a Republi--- er, I mean, American, I want to you to run for us, the Republi-- er, the people. Do it for the Children!!!
Wisconsin protesters rise to a level of obnoxious that's hard to believe. Here's one where they disrupt a ceremony for special olympians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcuqM1LEi5c
Dems, please, please follow Dean's approach. It has always worked for you in the past. Well, except for Reagan and Bush 43, but all that they did was win 2 terms each. Please portray yourselves as the party of the educated elites who know best for the rest of us. Please, do it for the children.
So he's going to take every opportunity to dissuade Warren from running.
Axelrod understands that Warren would get creamed in a 2016 election against any competent GOP candidate.
100% correct.
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