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I think you're taking away more from the article than what's there. You can negotiate all that you want. The question is whether someone not running for office could go in and get that same type of deal. If it's obvious that the answer is "no", then that's a contribution, not a discount. When you get 75% off ordinary rental prices, that's pretty obvious that it's not just a negotiated discount.
True. He seems disturbed.
I'm not wasting any more time on you. There's a serious topic here: whether the Iraq war was right or not and whether we should pursue similar foreign policies that took us to that decision. Krauthammer, for example, long ago advocated bombing Iran over their pursuit of nuclear material. These are serious points of discussion and you seem disturbingly obsessed with Paul's history, which I am unwilling to waste my time on. As Paul Harvey would say "Good day".
Since you seem bothered by wiki, here you go http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ad+hominem+attack
Did you read it?
If you have an argument to make, then make it and challenge the points at hand. Ron Paul's isn't running for President again and his history is next to irrelevant in this scope of discussion.
I am neither a neocon nor a libertarian. Despite the best intentions of neocons, they have failed to realize a couple simple truths: 1) Islamic countries don't magically value freedom and 2) the next time that the Left holds the White House, the Left will inevitably find a way to lose everything that was fought for. And while the neocons have held more influence in the party, it's also true that the country leans more libertarian than it did 20 years ago and if the party pursues hawkish neocon policies as espoused by Kristol, Kruathammer, Bolton and others would mean political suicide. We should take Ron Paul with a grain of salt, but we should move closer to his positions than we should the neocons that appear on FoxNews.
Ad hominem attacks - the first sign of being on the losing side of an argument.
It's disappointing to see so many Annpologists out today. If Ann were alive in the first century, she'd have been ripping St. Paul for being too worried about heathens and not staying home fixing the problems facing Jewish society.
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