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I just got off the phone with Harry Reid and he told me that it's obvious that this man is lying.
The answer is that hundreds of societies over thousands of years found that the institution of marriage to be beneficial not only for the participants, but for society as a whole. At the risk of sounding a bit old fashioned, it was simply "common sense" to provide special privileges to marry, because marriage benefits society.
Who's going to hold the trays of wine and cheese at our wine and cheese parties?
The media figured out an important part of 21st century life: we're so busy with everything else in life that we have a 2 minute attention span when it comes to news.
How CNN.com opens their story for a Democrat convicted of corruption: "Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, whose desperate pleas for help during Hurricane Katrina drew national attention ..." How CNN.com would open the story for a convicted Republican: Former Republican Mayor so-and-so, whose reaction to Katrina brought about national criticism, was convicted ...
The biggest change that needs to be made is to not have the MSM host the primary debates. Instead of asking about "what would you do to fix the economy", the MSM took their marching orders and pushed up questions about contraception. Again and again, the MSM avoided asking questions that would allow the Republicans to attack Obama and instead focused on questions that would direct Republican attacks towards one another.
Of course an alternative for the bakery would be to accept anyone's business, but paint Leviticus 20:13 in large font on your wall.
"Everyone has a right to their own belief ... " So long as what -- those beliefs fall into a moral relativistic religion where there is no right and wrong? So long as you keep those beliefs to yourself?
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