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Did anyone actually think that he would? Barry's visits are done solely to create positive spin. Do you think that he'd actually ever allow a photo op that reminds people how incompetent he's been on an issue?
If she's in decent health, Hillary will win the nomination easily as any alternatives are told "it's Hillary's time, not yours". The feminists have put in too much effort over the years to get a feminist elected President to have the Democratic Party actually allow Democratic voters pick their nominee. Will she win? That's up to the GOP. Is the GOP intent on fighting itself for the next 2 years over the issue of illegal immigration? If yes, she will win. If no, then there are plenty of electable candidates to beat her. My own belief is that Walker would beat her by 6 points or more.
In fairness, the Patricia Irelands of the world - these people spend so much time on TV that they really don't have any spare time to actually investigate the facts. We should just learn to be satisfied with talking points.
Am I the only one still miffed that Romney refused to call out BO as the radical that he truly is? Seriously, BO was running ads calling Romney a murderer and Romney was responding that BO "can't manage the economy". No mention of Barry's radical past. No mention of his Rev. Wright. He could have featured that quote that "single payer is our ultimate goal", but didn't. He could have focused on Obama's laziness in negotiations - as reported by Bob Woodward, but no. We're fighting for the survival of the greatest country on earth and Romney showed up to the fight with a water pistol.
This entire HHS scandal shows two things: 1) Liberals feel "entitled" to anything that they want. It's not as if Hobby Lobby refuses to hire anyone using contraception, the company just doesn't want to pay for something that it finds to be immoral. Why can't liberals just pay for things themselves? Why do they always feel that they're entitled to it? 2) The willingness that liberals have to impose their beliefs on others. They could have allowed "opt out" provisions, in the same way that conscientious objectors were allowed the ability to opt out of wars. There's only a fraction of companies that want to be identified as religiously conservative. And for those who didn't get their free contraception, the government could have just provided a tax deduction to employees of those companies.
Some sanity in the world!
The new line among Hollywood is that this is now ok, because women "own it". That's a bit like saying that I'm ok, because I'm no longer the drug buyer, but now I'm the drug dealer. Instead of other people profiting from my weakness, now I'm profiting from theirs. It's just as insidious, if not more so.
"Here's an idea: What about a renewed appreciation for differences, adding a little feminine modesty to engender male restraint?" Hmmm, sounds a bit like "She had it coming dressed that way." -Hulk No, actually, it doesn't and I think that the fact that you're the only one who read it that way, probably indicates a misreading on your part and perhaps you should re-read it. I'm not how you jumped from "engender male restraint" being the same as "an excuse to try her out", but that leap is larger than the Grand Canyon.
How about just evaluating the quote on its own, instead of restating it so that it has a different meaning? Probably, because it would throw off the 'logic' that you would try to use in the subsequent paragraph. In Christianity, the Two Greatest Commandments are 1) Love God and 2) Lover your neighbor as yourself. Of the sins that are particularly bad are those that encourage others to sin. To dress scantily so as to deliberately cause men to sin (presumably for some advantage) is a great evil.
"It's supposed to be something dirty - unclean and needs to be hidden." -Duane Ah, the old straw man argument. That is a typical mis-characterization of Christian thinking that has been out of fashion for probably 200 years. I'm sure that if you visit Amish country, you might find some with this view of sex as a "necessary sin", but I'll bet that if you visited 100 ministers and priests, you'll find 99 that say that sex is neither "dirty", nor "unclean".
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