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LMAO!!!.....So this is what an American $60,000 education produces?
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One Class Act in the NFL

HermanMunster Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 6:06 PM
"Despite anomalies like Rice and Peterson, who were right to be punished for their shameful violence" Horses***. They had no business being "punished" by the NFL since it had zero to do with the NFL.
"We must convince the middle class that the only way out of their morass is by embracing a strong and effective government, not demeaning or running from it," I love it....this is primarily why they just got their heads handed to them...people have had enough of an imperial president and a bloated government. So yes please Chuckie, please stay on this message.
Every one of these activist judges should be thrown off the bench when this is finally resolved.
This entire notion that somehow the Republicans have to go out of their way to "win over" Hispanics is a crock, one pushed by the White House Press. Where were all these sure fire Democratic votes three weeks ago? As usual liberals insult minorities by portraying them as mindless robots who all believe the same thing. There are a lot of Hispanic citizens who recognize just how harmful this kingly decree of amnesty is. Republicans - just do what is right for the country and screw the media, three weeks ago you saw what the people really think.
I think it is a wonderful lesson for the kids. They get a first hand look at big government and how poorly it governs. Hopefully they will remember it when they get their first vote.
Good ole Debbie....The only woman in the world who can make Nancy Pelosi look intelligent by comparison.
Funny, when he had Pelosi on his show all he did was kiss her keister. I hope his directing career works out because as a comedian and a political commentator he is pathetic.
Absolute morons.
Right, go chase you're tale just like Obama wants you too, in the mean time he is undermining the very foundation of our society.
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