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Lol...What you will wind up with is taxes being increased on the rich, and somehow those tax cuts for the middle class will never actually materialize. No liberal EVER cuts taxes.
Lmao!!!....And the idiots in the US press think it matters one way or the other if they continue these silly "talks" or not. Obama cast the die 18 months ago, Iran will go nuclear, these talks have been his way of assuring it.
The elitism of liberals knows no bounds. They constantly think that the only reason people reject their ideas is because they don't understand them. They are very arrogant people, they completely refuse to consider the fact that their ideas don't work, and instead try to cite the stupidity of the little people for not comprehending their superior intelligence. They would love to have a populace where everyone has attended their elitist universities, that way even the little people would better understand their "nuances"...and everything would be just ducky!
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The End of "Tough On Crime"?

HermanMunster Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 11:11 PM
More midnight basketball on the way.
Why is anyone listening to this broad to begin with? Anyone who tries to take some obscure incidence of "Christian extremism" and equate it with a multi-decade rein of terror which includes hundreds of incidents of death and mutilation is not someone to be taken seriously. Her entire function is to obfuscate, because her boss has NO intention of addressing the problem of real terrorists.
I like Debbie, she's fun to watch. Especially when she gets that "deer in the headlights" look on her face. She is also one of the few people in this world who can make Nancy Pelosi look intelligent by comparison.
The problem with making an issue out of something like this lies in the fact that at this point it's very easy for the administration to claim it was nothing but a diversion. Can you prove otherwise?
So after all is said and done....he wasted a well orchestrated Woody Allen attack.
"I saw other doctors come into the products of conception room" "products of conception"????....My God, what kind of a sick mind comes up with that??
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