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"This story isn’t about rape apologists, the dreaded patriarchy, or rape hoaxes (rape isn't a hoax); it’s about bad journalism." Sorry but that is BS. If this woman has fabricated any information about an act of rape that didn't occur, or didn't occur with the people she has accused, then she has committed fraud and slander, and it is most definitely a hoax.
After they have all been fired, they should be told that acting like immature children is not helping their case.
Feminist icon Sandra Fluke......"Feminist icon".....Lmao Sandra, you know you hit the big time when that is how people refer to you.
Once again in this infantile nation, the children dictate to the adults.
By sheer lack of intestinal fortitude the Republican party has become just as complicit in the infanticide as the Democrats.
Will The GOP Lose To Hillary In 2016 By Nominating A Loser Like Jeb? Yes sir, that is exactly what they will do, they won't put up a conservative because they are afraid of what the NYT will say.
Barbara Boxer retiring?!?!.....Oh....gee....what a shame.
"We made the decision to focus our resources on expanding access to care for our patients in 2015." Translation....we didn't have a prayer so we don't want to waste anymore money on fighting this.
Well articulated Mr. Davis.
"But the move would most likely be seen as petty, and one the liberal media would eat up" When are you people going to grow a spine and stop being whipping boys for "the media". If Republicans were in charge the American revolution wouldn't have happened because they would have been too afraid of what the NYT might say. You sound pathetic.
LMAO!!!.....So this is what an American $60,000 education produces?
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