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"The Democratic governor said he vetoed the legislation because of constitutionality issues" No, he vetoed the bill because he is a putz that has no respect for innocent life.
This is a wonderful sign. It has become obvious that the Democrats are so devoid of anything to run on that all they can come up with is Koch brother attacks. If the Republican Party actually had ANY brains or backbone they could make 2010 look like nothing..... But we are talking about the Republicans after all, in 2010 it was the Tea Party that drove their big win, so what do they do now? Why stick their finger in the Tea Party's eye every chance they get.
Why doesn't this surprise me? The Republican Party better wake up or ONCE AGAIN it will throw away some shoo in elections. The Democrats are handing them the Senate, so what do they do? P*** off their base so they will stay home. I don't believe this is due to stupidity anymore, this is the rotting from within of the Republican Party.
He should not appear with her. She is more butch than he is, it's embarrassing.
By the way, is it really necessary for Townhall to display disgusting pictures of perverts? I would have expected better.
Another schmuck judge intentionally makes an absurd ruling knowing full well it will be overturned but not in time to prevent some AT THE READY homosexual activist to run and get "married" so the state of Michigan will now be stuck with these morons after the ruling is overturned. And then homosexuals cry about the "bigots" & "homophobes" who are so mean to them, as they act like petulant brats.
He could choose his words a little more carefully or spend a minute clarifying things he knows (or should know) will be used ammunition.
Unfortunately the Pope never proposes (and I am sure never intended to) how that employment is best achieved, therein lies the open door for liberal to walk through and declare the Pope a liberal. I agree with the Pope that when you lose your career or ability to work it has a great impact on your life and sense of purpose, I have experienced this first hand. But his statement here can be run with in many directions once you ask how the unemployment problem is best solved. Pontificating is fine, but it seems to me that this Pope (based on other comments as well) has a habit of ignoring the reality of what a biased press will do with his words.
Of all these activist rulings this one is the lamest.
I am embarrassed by John McCain.
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