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"ll Leave GOP Over Gay Marriage Issue" I already did Mike.
I thought that the First Lady & the First Family were expected to given a hands off treatment by political opponents and the press because they were always considered non-political people. How can that possibly be justified in the future when it comes to Michelle Obama?
You are a stooge my friend. The establishment Republicans are playing you just like the Democrats play the blacks....they think you have no place to go so they ignore you.
Hitting the nail right on the head.
So David, let them do what they want in bed, and keep their perversions to themselves once they get out of it. Is that so hard?
Go to articles about abortion and homosexual marriage Ann, you will find just as much enthusiasm against those issues. When you are willing to take on those subjects too, perhaps I will be more willing to listen to your unite the party talk.
Why would any Conservative want John Huntsman?
What this writer can't figure out is that as long as you treat them like children they will never grow up.
Limbo seems like an appropriate place for people who can't figure out that the opposite gender is the right one to have sex with.
You may read into it anything you wish, just like you read into the Constitution and find "rights" that are not there. My statement was an observation that you can push law abiding people to a point of no longer abiding the law. It has been demonstrated many times.
"I truly do not understand"......she should have just left it at that.
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