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Keep exposing them for what they are Dr. Adams.
I like Tom Selleck and I understand that he is an actor. Being an actor, I know at times he must act in ways he may not agree with, but I am very disappointed he would allow himself to be a party to this.
"Obama moves into campaign mode".....???? When has he ever NOT been in campaign mode? It is the only thing he knows how to do.
The only possible reason for anyone to oppose voter ID laws is a desire to allow voter fraud, any other attempt to justify their position is complete BS.
Anyone who would vote for a man who has to run as a Democrat because lost as a both a Republican and an Independent.....is an idiot.
Keep up the good work Dr. Adams!
It is not our job to stand idly by and watch others kill babies.
There is no helping it...SCOTUS just took the votes of 20-30 million people and threw them in the garbage. The entire system no longer works, the wheels have come off, and the Republican party has been a grand enabler through the whole thing.
"I'm not sure if I would support something that results in automatic excommunication." And that is exactly why your so called Catholics ignore God and the Church and take part in infanticide.
"ll Leave GOP Over Gay Marriage Issue" I already did Mike.
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