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They are not worried, they know these supposed "activists" will vote for them anyway. They live on the Democratic plantation, and people like Hillary & Obama don't sweat giving them the shaft.
OK, this whole thing has just gotten completely asinine.
Wendy who??
What utter nonsense....A ruling striking down sodomy laws isn't even remotely relevant to marriage, and citing Scalia, who was just intimating about how the liberals will try and use that decision, is dishonest at best.
Try looking at Baker v Nelson if you want to know what SCOTUS thinks about a states right to define marriage. When a tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman has endured until a historical blink of an eye ago, then suggesting that there are "bad traditions" in this context most certainly is being applied to traditional marriage.
Yes, please tell these children that it is a states right to define marriage, just as it has ALWAYS been a states right to define marriage. Then let's move on so the kiddies can find some other stupid cause to hang their idiotic "social justice" hats on. I love how these morons can imply that traditional marriage could be a "bad tradition". Can they possibly ignore history & reality any more?
Just a little sample of what SCOTUS has in store..... I guess laws & the Constitution can really be a hindrance to "social justice".
Many people with 20-20 vision are as blind as a bat.
Well, when it comes to blind and stupid...who would know better than Geraldo?
So, should Mitt Romney run again? No, and he most certainly won't get my vote this time. After him & McCain, it is obvious the GOP doesn't take conservatives seriously, so I no longer take them seriously.
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