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Rubio's Gamble

HermanMunster Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 12:34 AM
Rubio's Gamble?....No gamble, he outright blew his chances with his position on amnesty. Done deal.
Obstructionist!....Obstructionist!.....Come on MSM, you know how to use the term very well....let's hear it!
Everyone who pulled back is a disgusting gutless coward. You see what you get conservatives when you buy into this "vote for us or the Democrats will be running the show"....you get Democrats running the show anyway.
If I were a baker and was forced to make a cake for a homo wedding, I would make it and it would be a cake they would never forget, thus eliminating repeat business, there is no law that says I have to make a good one.
Rachel who?....why waste the typing Ann?
Michelle, Michelle.....why are you trying to muck up a perfectly good phony racism story with facts?
"Sen. Ted Cruz urged archconservatives on Sunday to help nominate a Republican from their own ranks" Lol..."archconservatives"....yes those bad ole extremists....I thought TH was a conservative site, but apparently if actually want to adhere to conservatism you are an extremist now.
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GOP Establishment Weary of Romney

HermanMunster Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 10:11 PM
These are the people who in an election that was going to center heavily around Obamacare, put up THE ONLY person out of 320,000,000 Americans who could be accused of coming up with not only a similar plan, but a forerunner to Obamacare. And you still listen to what these clowns say anymore?
Two putzes in a pod.
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