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This unfortunately is going to turn very ugly in the future as people will no longer look to the government to enforce their constitutional rights or their votes.
"Supporters of same-sex unions have nothing to gain by forcing anyone, least of all clergy members, to officiate at weddings when it would violate their principles to do so." What utter nonsense...The entire purpose of the baker and the photographer incidents was precisely to force people to do what they wanted. Anyone who believes that these homosexuals are reasonable or even mature people are extremely naive. This entire marriage ruse was never about marriage, it was (and is) simply to force people into giving them a special protected status, which they in no way deserve. Once that is achieved they will force their perversions into every corner of our society. If you can't see that by now, you are just willfully blind.
The utmost responsibility of our government is to protect American citizens at home....not to solve an epidemic in a foreign land.
"The ACLU issued a statement saying that it was "outraged" over the vandalism." Right...I wonder how much they paid him.
Keep exposing them for what they are Dr. Adams.
I like Tom Selleck and I understand that he is an actor. Being an actor, I know at times he must act in ways he may not agree with, but I am very disappointed he would allow himself to be a party to this.
"Obama moves into campaign mode".....???? When has he ever NOT been in campaign mode? It is the only thing he knows how to do.
The only possible reason for anyone to oppose voter ID laws is a desire to allow voter fraud, any other attempt to justify their position is complete BS.
Anyone who would vote for a man who has to run as a Democrat because lost as a both a Republican and an Independent.....is an idiot.
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