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If single women haven't embarrassed themselves enough in the last two presidential elections by allowing themselves to be led by the nose....then their is no hope for them.
Clinton says she's donated college speaking fees File this in the "nice try but extremely late and lame" folder.
Democrats Seek To Alter Bipartisan Religious Freedom Restoration Act Good luck with that.
Feminists are just silly people.
I'm not sure why Mr. Benson is getting hung up on the "narrow" adjective describing this ruling. As far as I can see it applies exactly as those seeking it desired. This was never a fight to bring down Obamacare nor to apply religious rights to publicly owned corporations.
Bravo!....Another unanimous ruling in favor of sanity and the Constitution. This is turning into a very bad session for liberals.
Wow....What a stupid comparison.
This is surprising? She has always been one of the most liberal members of the Senate.
We need a new president to reign in the EPA or abolish it altogether, it is out of control.
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