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"There is nothing wrong with pursuing a strong story, or even with having a strong point of view. Advocacy demands it. And journalism, like science, is often at its best when pursuing a powerful thesis statement." BS...."journalism" demands objectivity, something even this critic can't grasp. If you want to "advocate" then write an article for the editorial page. This is why "journalism" no longer exists in today's PC lynching media.
I am sorry for their loss, but this is nonsense.
"Journalism"????.....Lmao! There hasn't been anything that even resembles journalism in a half century.
Regardless.....Levin is a pathetically partisan hack.
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The Radical Nature of Love

HermanMunster Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 6:32 PM
Worst Pope ever....he will lead the Church to it's next downfall.
If you think what you just wrote is going to be listened to Mr. Hawkins, then you have one hellava lot more faith in Republicans than I have, and until this past election I voted Republican for over 40 years. As long as John Boehner holds the gavel and his ideological soul-mate in the Senate runs the show, conservatives will be brushed off like annoying gnats.
"This story isn’t about rape apologists, the dreaded patriarchy, or rape hoaxes (rape isn't a hoax); it’s about bad journalism." Sorry but that is BS. If this woman has fabricated any information about an act of rape that didn't occur, or didn't occur with the people she has accused, then she has committed fraud and slander, and it is most definitely a hoax.
After they have all been fired, they should be told that acting like immature children is not helping their case.
Feminist icon Sandra Fluke......"Feminist icon".....Lmao Sandra, you know you hit the big time when that is how people refer to you.
Once again in this infantile nation, the children dictate to the adults.
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