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Anti-American Asians Don't Speak for Me

HermanBB Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 2:22 PM
Do you think the hordes of non-white people moving to the U.S. know (or care) what it took for white people to make the U.S. the greatest country in the history of earth? They probably figure it was luck or we stole from others. The only think future generations will care about Washington, Jefferson, Adams etc. was if they owned slaves.
Martial arts movie legend Jackie Chan deserves a rhetorical roundhouse kick to the mouth. So does his pal PSY, the Korean rapper whose "Gangnam Style" music video has racked up more than a billion views worldwide. Both men have raked in big bucks from Western fans while trashing the very freedoms and cultures that made them superstars.

Last week, The Washington Post spotlighted a recent interview Chan did with Chinese TV in which he accused America of being "the most corrupt country in the world." The Hong Kong-born Chan also admitted proudly that he is a propagandist for the Communist Chinese government....