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Boehner must go and anyone who is "for" shall be shown "the door".
When I saw the cover photo of Michelle O, I thought that she compares to this link: http://fineartamerica.com/products/funny-baboon-tom-biegalski-greeting-card.html
Complicated? Let's throw more money at it to fix it!
Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, thank you very much for your efforts to make this world a better place.
Maybe now Obozo can marry thje love of his life when he leaves office, his but hole buddy Rahm Emanual in Chicago.
Rubio is a p r i c k for the s p i c k. John McShame is "as dumb as a box of rock!" Both are working for the Democratic Party.
John McShame is "as dumb as a box of rocks!"
Can't we keep this fricken prik out of the news? It's true, he is the biggest hoax played on the people of this great nation.
I thought that Obozo would reign for another eight years minimum, but as long as the POTUS keep wanting to elect these idiots because it is trendy, by all means we need a woman in the WH!
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