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An Unconscionable Silence

Herb3 Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 8:07 AM
Bill Ayers, George Soros, et al, have been working toward this for half a century. This is their dream. It is our nightmare. Ayers and I are the same age. Our Fathers were both in politics. In the '60s, I was fascinated by his Communist rants that were frequently shown on the news. I didn't get to see Ayers in person, but saw his likes in Angela Davis and Stokley Charmichael. I had an original copy of his Prairie Fire Manifesto of the Weather Underground spelling out his goal to be the One to bring The United States to the head of the banquet table of the Communist Bloc with Mao, Castro, and Khrushchev. Read his plans for extermination of 25 million Americans who cannot be re educated. I thought there were skilled Conservatives who would make sure these Communists would never achieve their goals in The United States. Then Ayers disappeared from the public scene, only to re surface mentoring this no account Community Trouble Maker into the White House as the Marxist in Chief who has proved to be a Muslim Sympathizer......And none of my elected Conservative Representatives are allowed to even mutter the word, "COMMUNIST".....Allen West did. And the GOP, my Reps, and every one else stood on the sidelines and allowed Allen West to be slaughtered. Ayers dream is here. Our nightmare has only just begun. And the "Unconscionable Silence" is deafening. Our "Nightmare".
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The Soviet Games Continue in Sochi

Herb3 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 9:33 AM
To ask Romney to fix the Sochi mess.......we asked the American people to allow Romney to fix this mess we now call The United Socialist States of America....and the people turned him down.
You must remember that the Marxist in Chief still control the voting system, the news, education, etc. The Trump Card has always been, "What will the Military do?"
Remember Johnson took the SS trust fund to run his war on Poverty and his Viet Nam War.....both of which were warned against by Barry Goldwater.
"No State shall,....engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such Imminent Danger as will not admit of delay." The last paragraph of Article I or The Constitution. The border States should get everyone trained and available to close the borders, citing this paragraph, immediately deport illegals in prison, and those found breaking any law. Punish those hiring illegals......That would solve most of the immigration problems, most of their crime, and most of their cost. DC, according to The Constitution, should have no say in the matter. Just who is supposed to be in charge?
"The Federal Government should not be allowed......" Maybe we should leave it at that. Over the last 50 years, our FG and their cronies, under both parties, have looted the Public Treasury. Now, they tell us we, the working people, must fill it up again....SO THEY CAN LOOT THAT TOO!". Perhaps the States should cancel this failed experiment at BIGGEST government, go back to tariffs & duties on imports to "Provide for the Common Defense", take proper care of our Veterans, and pay back at interest, those who paid into SS. Nothing else. To the rest of DC...Go home. With FG taxes and regulations out of the way, the rapidly expanding Prosperity of the private sector will be able to retrain former DCers into something productive. .
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To Hell With Paul Krugman

Herb3 Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 8:19 AM
Goldwater, a Conservative, warned Nixon, a Liberal, about the dangers of going off a Gold/Silver standard. He also warned about Johnson taking the cash deposits out of SS would never be paid back if they were put in the general fund to be spent on the "War on Poverty" and "The VN war". He also warned about the dangers of fighting a handcuffed, Rules of Engagement, no win, protracted limited war in VN that would kill many Americans and VN in order to keep the Military/Industrial alliance (Warned by Eisenhower) profitable at the expense of the Human Race. History has proved Goldwater correct. Why did Bush fall to 34%? The Conservatives finally discovered that "Compassionate Conservative" meant Liberal Spendthrift New World Order Socialist. Another unfunded entitlement. Another no win policy war. Let Kennedy write the "No Child Left Behind" disaster. The State Sovereignty Movement, under Article V, should send all of DC home with no retirement, so salary, no budget, no authority, to be retrained for productive jobs in the rapidly recovering Prosperity of the Private Sector, once the FG, and their Taxes and Regulations are cancelled.
Ezekiel....Rahm....Chicago/Daley/Crime/Political/Corrupt/Mob....The same mob that gave us Obama via Daley's crony Tom Ayers...Father of Bill Ayers and great friend of the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, mentor to Obama from age 9 to 20. The same Daley mob who rigged the 1960 Illinois vote for Kennedy and then conveniently "Lost" the ballots when a recount was obviously in order. The Daley mob now has control of National elections. You're naive if you expect the 2014 elections to turn things around. Article V.....STATE SOVEREIGNTY NOW!
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The Van Jones Matter

Herb3 Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 9:08 AM
The Communist Party of the United States 1963 forty five point plan to take over America is virtually complete. #17 Get control of Education. #20 Infiltrate the Press. #21 Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and Motion Pictures. #25 Break down cultural standards. #28 Eliminate Prayer. #29 Discredit the American Constitution. And you say, "Marxism is a Relic."? Look at everyone in Obama's past starting with his Maternal Grandparents.....His Parents....Uncle Frank.....The Weather Underground.....Students for a Democratic Society......A RELIC? When you thumped that underwater rock, you must have permanently damaged your MEMORY and ability to think clearly.....Unless you are also a "COMMUNIST DUPE".
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Avoiding Fiscal Catastrophe

Herb3 Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 7:15 AM
The States experiment in Biggest Federal Government has been a total complete failure. Our kids will not, and should not pay this debt. Close down DC completely. No more FG taxes and Regulations. Let the States invite off shore capital, business, and workers back to an environment that is pro business. Prosperity for the most will return immediately. "Provide for the Common Defense" and payback, with interest, those who paid into SS with tariffs & duties on imports. Private Charities, from the new huge prosperity, will take care of those who cant. DCers can be retrained to do something productive. DC GO HOME....STATE SOVEREIGNTY NOW!
Tariffs & Duties on imports to fund Defense & SS.
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