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We Already Have a Viable Third Party

HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 9:58 AM
I haven't agreed with Michael Brown on much lately, but I agree with him here. For years, Christians have given the impression of being judgmental and hypocritical. Various studies show that Christians get divorced at a higher rate, have more children out of wedlock, and have more abortions at a rate higher than non-Christians. I even heard an interesting study that concluded that Utah, one of the most conservative states in the country, has the highest rate of pornography subscriptions. I think it's important for Christians to re-evaluate their own lives and lead by example before condemning the lives of others.
Beethovens10th Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 1:13 PM
You'll have to specifically define "Christians" for us before you lay out these dubious statements as "facts."

I've seen just the converse of what you present. Evangelical Christians, those Christians who actually BELIEVE the teachings of Scripture to be true and live their lives accordingly, not just mentally ascent, are much less likely to divorce, have children out of wedlock, or abort their children.
Troglodite Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 10:51 AM
"[I]t's important for Christians to re-evaluate their own lives and lead by example before condemning the lives of others."

Do I detect a hint here that HOG believes that no Christian should ever condemn anything until all Christians are perfect? This is simply an attempt to shame Christians into silence.
iprazhm Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 10:56 AM
Thank you for hitting that nail on the head. God bless.
iprazhm Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 10:34 AM
Please give us the sources of the various studies you are using.
i can only speak for myself but as a christian I do judge, always attempting to use righeous judgement as commanded by God. "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." John 7:24
Judge them that are with Christ and without. He tells us not to be unequally yoked to sinners. It is impossible to know who to not be yoked with, without judging a person's speech, behavior and character. We all judge others every day, whether to trust them with our money, our children ect. We could not survive life without judging other people. We judge and love at the same time.
According to the latest polls, only one percent of voters will cast their ballot for a third party candidate, which means that all the talk of a protest vote against the two main parties will amount to little or nothing. Yet there is already a viable third party in America. It simply needs to awaken to its calling.

Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of this “third party” as well – although not in those terms – saying that it “must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of...