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The Death of American Religion

HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 3:49 PM
"The secular community looks to one source: the state." This is a very broad and very general statement that has no basis in fact. Not every secular person or non-believer is by default a supporter of the state. Shapiro outright stated "It isn't to argue, either, that they don't vote Republican; many of them do." The secular and the non-religious are a very broad, very diverse group of people who don't often agree on everything. Shapiro presents no evidence that secular-minded people are more statist. And Christianity doesn't by default make someone capitalist either. It's a false comparison and an asinine one at that.

In the aftermath of the re-election of President Barack Obama, conservatives searched the heavens and the earth for answers. Some suggested that Mitt Romney lost because Republicans didn't reach out more to Latino voters; some suggested that Romney lost because his "get out the vote" system fell apart on Election Day. Romney himself said that he lost because President Obama separated voting groups with particularly calibrated "gifts" designed to curry their favor.

In truth, Mitt Romney lost for the same reason that traditional marriage lost on Election Day: America is becoming a less religious country. And that bodes ill...