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Genderfication of Adolescence

HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 1:33 PM
Your points about homosexuality have nothing to do with the subject of this article. It's about hookup culture. Not about homosexuality. If you're going to bring up sin, then that's one thing. But why focus on homosexuality? Adultry is a sin too, but it isn't attacked with the same vigor as pre-marital sex or homosexuality. And I think that sets the wrong priorities because adultry can be far more damaging to a family and to children.
Not so long ago, "gender" was something mostly of interest to flirtatious nouns. But then, as the culture became both more vulgar and more squeamish, "gender" replaced "sex" as the distinction between "him" and "her." Now "date," which described how him and her got acquainted, is replaced by "hook up."

Gender used to tell us about language; now, it describes behavioral roles. The word sex was unambiguous, referring to the natural biological differences. But the genderfication of sex expands to encompass the experiences of the transgendered, lesbian and male homosexuals.

Whereas sex refers to two, gender creates a crowd -- emotional...