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This issue you just described actually has been researched. It isn't fully understood, but we do understand it now better than we did in decades past. One thing to note is that traits are rarely purely genetic or purely environmental. Very few genes, like the one that controls Huntington's Disease, are 100 percent driven by genes. Most are a combination of genes and environment. For homosexuality, most of our current research indicates that sexual orientation is determined in utero due to a mix of genes and hormones. Studies with identical twins and birth order have strongly supported the theory that sexual orientation is something people are born with. It's similar to those who are left-handed. That's not to say we understand everything, but it is something that does have evidence backing it up. As for evolution, there has been some research to indicate that homosexuality confers some benefits. It's not much, but it is there. It primarily involves relatives of homosexuals being more fertile than those who don't have homosexual relatives. The nature of this relationship is poorly understood, but it is documented and it is a sufficient benefit for natural selection to act upon. That's why homosexuality is still prevalent both in humans and in most mammals.
I don't see why God would condemn those who seek to love one another. I also don't think God would take kindly to people taking words written by pre-modern men centuries ago from a primitive, repressive culture as moral. God gave us all an ability to love and cherish one another. To condemn people for doing that is a true abomination.
As a Virginia resident, I welcome this news. I want my home state to be a place where freedom and equality are valued over dogma and bigotry. Virginia already has a dubious record when it comes to civil rights. It was the last state to lift its inter-racial marriage ban. I feared that it would be among the last to endorse marriage equality. I'm glad history is not repeating itself. Homosexuals are human beings, capable of love, hatred, fear, and suffering like everyone else. In this country, people are supposed to be equal under the law. The same-sex marriage ban, which I proudly voted against back in 2006, is an affront to those values. It took longer than I hoped for it to be overturned, but I'm glad it did. Now Virginians can say they live up to their motto about being a state of lovers.
Absurdities like this are a big reason why the concept of being a feminist has become so skewed. There was a time when their ideas actually had some merit. Now it's past the point of going overboard.
Every time I see a case like this, be from an atheist group or a Christian group, I feel like it's just propagating a cycle that hurts both sides. Unless one group puts a gun to the head of others and forces them to worship or not worship, I don't see this as a constitutional issue. I see it as a free expression issue. Every time one group picks a fight with another, it leads to the other striking back. On this very site, I see Christians insulting atheists and vice versa. It just makes each side more determined keep fighting. It has no end. This is why freedom and tolerance are values worth championing. No good could possibly come from endless fighting.
Very sad, losing a man like Robin Williams. He was a one-of-a-kind talent whose impact reached people of all ages and backgrounds. He will be deeply missed.
Do you know what the effects of weed even are? Alcohol lowers inhibitions as well and is responsible for far more suffering than weed. Yet it is still legal and consumed at a rate far greater than any other illicit substance. Anyone is a fool to think that the effects of weed are more dangerous than alcohol.
There is no evidence to support that marijuana is a "gateway drug." There is ample evidence that alcohol and prescription drugs are far more harmful and deadly. This is serious research. You don't have to like marijuana. You don't have to try it even if it becomes legal. But keeping it illegal only leads to serious consequences that are simply not worth the human cost.
Alcohol does far more harm than marijuana and that has been shown time and again through exhaustive research. There's no question that both do have harmful effects, but it's a matter of degree. It makes no sense to keep one harmful substance legal while another less harmful substance is kept illegal, especially when that less harmful substance ends up creating horrific violence and crime.
If ISIS attacks the US, it'll be the beginning of the end for them. It would be by far the most foolish move they could possibly make. The public is already very against going to war in Iraq again. But an attack would completely flip the narrative. It would turn America from the aggressor to the victim. ISIS simply would have no chance. If they're smart, they'll keep their attacks local. But if they're not, then they might as well have organized their own funeral.
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Tolerate or Be Stamped Out

HeraldOfGalactus Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 12:30 PM
Your interpretation of their PR campaign is not proof of anything other than you're capable of forming wildly paranoid conclusions based on very limited evidence. You call their behavior atrocious. That is evidence enough of your feelings towards homosexuals and your feelings are clouding your compassion for your fellow man. I hope you one day see that because this world needs more compassion, not less.
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