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The research is easy to find. Just go to Google and type in, "Research on the effects of Pornography." You should come up with plenty of materials to sift through. Also, look up crime statistics for the past 20 years. It shows that violence and deviance as a whole have declined considerably, even as pornography has become more accessible. That's not to say there's a direct correlation, but it does indicate that there is not a substantial link between the consumption of pornography and overall deviance.
They may not intend to convey that impression, but that's how it's being interpreted. And that's part of the problem. It's not people like me that's telling young people to react this way. This is just how they're reacting. They see men like John Hawkins as tyrants and bullies. That's not their intent, but that's how they're coming off. So long as men like Hawkins fail to realize this, nobody will take them seriously.
Big O7, insulting my words doesn't make them less valid. Why is what I proposed unworkable? It's entirely consistent with the principles of liberty and freedom. It's also consistent with a morality that seeks to avoid harming others. I don't expect you to agree with it entirely, but again that doesn't make it wrong.
Could you please provide some links to research that back up your assertion? I would be very interested in reading it.
The meaning of marriage is still the same. Same-sex marriage doesn't denigrate it. What does denigrate it, however, are some of the divorce laws governing it. If you want to best example, take a trip to Las Vegas when you get a chance. There, it's legal for two people who don't even know each other for more than an hour to go to a chapel and get legally married by an Elvis impersonator. It's also legal for those two same people to get a divorce the next day, subject to all the legal complications that come with it. And this sort of thing was in place way before same-sex marriage became an issue. So why not focus on this? There is actual research that these sorts of policies do harm marriage, children, and families as a whole. The same cannot be said for same-sex marriage and I think conservatives could really improve their standing with voters and young people by making this more of an issue.
Good point. And I think the uncomfortable truth is that there's no clear way to force morality. It's one of those things that must be taught and nurtured, not forced or ignored. In order for that to happen though, there has to be a good environment and an inherent understanding of what it means to be moral. In my experience, it's best to keep things simple. Try not to hurt anyone. Try to be nice to people. Unfortunately, liberals and conservatives alike complicate that process and the more they fail, the more they try. It's a never-ending cycle.
Insulting me does not make my points less valid. Please cite for me research that proves crime and deviance our up. I would be happy to look over it and revise my position if it's valid.
And yet, sex and violence as a whole are down. Do some research. The statistics bear this out. And there are still plenty of churches that condemn premarital or extramarital sex. They just aren't taken seriously because the church, and religion as a whole, has become so discredited in recent years on moral issues.
I don't doubt that there were efforts to remedy these ills back in the 1950s, but men like John Hawkins from that era would have opposed those efforts. If they weren't people opposing them, then it wouldn't have taken so long for them to get fixed. That's why constantly pining for this false era that only ever existed in TV sitcoms is a poor way to make a moral argument.
"There's only one way to change that and it's to address the real sickness at the heart of American culture. That sickness is our newfound reluctance to address the moral health of our society." I don't deny that there are real problems with American culture, but the ones Hawkins listed are not among them. He's being way too vague here, essentially taking on the role of a cantankerous preacher condemning everybody around him as being flawed. And the solution appears to be, "Do and believe as John Hawkins says." That's not a very valid solution to any of these issues he raised. It also ignores what has been observed in reality. As I said before, research has shown that crime and deviance is declining. Society today is generally better today than it was 50 years ago. There are still problems, but they're not the kind of problems that can be solved by obsessing over the perceived shortcomings of a culture. I don't claim to know the answers, but it's pretty clear that Mr. Hawkins doesn't either.
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