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Playing With Words

Henry VIII Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 9:44 AM
Public schools have been abusing the Special Ed dollars for years. The trick is to get kids who are struggling to sign on to a 504 status which gets more federal dollars flowing into that school. Of course that 504 status is permanently attached to a student's name all the way through public school....which means that student is labeled. Schools are willing to misdiagnose, which means mislabel, in order to get those federal's a scam and a misuse of our tax dollars.
carole28 Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 10:25 AM
I saw this first-hand when I was teaching. The Special Ed budget grew tremendously every year. Primarily, though, I would say that the parents were the driving force. Once parents realized that a Special Ed diagnosis of one sort or another meant that their children received extra help, special attention, and special privileges, many jumped on the bandwagon, had their kids diagnosed by some doctor, and then fought like crazy to make sure that teachers were held accountable. In 90% or more of the cases, their children weren't truly special needs kids. Special Ed has become a way for some parents to hold someone else accountable for their kids' success or failure. This in turn hurts those who are really needy and wastes time and money.
Henry VIII Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 12:39 PM
I know that parents have been a driving force, but so have the teachers. My youngest son struggled in grade school; his 4th grade teachers worked hard to get me to sign on to special ed. I refused, because I knew he was just immature. Today he's finishing his last year in nuclear radiology easy program to complete. I have never forgiven those teachers; they did not have the skills to diagnose, but it was a way to keep kids who struggle out of their classrooms, and out of their hair.
Would anyone work to support themselves or their families -- and then turn over a chunk of that hard-earned money to somebody else, just because of the words used by that somebody else?

A few people may be taken in by the words of con men, here and there, but the larger tragedy is that millions more are taken in by the words of politicians, the top-of-the-line con men.

How do politicians con people out of their money? One example can be found in a recent article titled "The Autism-Welfare Nexus" by Paul Sperry in "Investor's Business Daily."

Genuine autism is a truly tragic...