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Libya and Lies

Henry VIII Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 9:29 AM
I disagree, Obama just edged out Wilson as the worst president ever. I didn't think that it was possible to top Wilson, but Obama gets the the prize.
Ben Linus Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 10:01 AM
jreese Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 9:46 AM
U.S. Grant was just like Obama, full of paid cronies. Carter was just like Obama, weak leader. Nixon was just like Obama, full of lies. When added up Obama equals the worst POTUS in the history of USA. Like the Native Americans called Obama the Walking Eagle because he is so full of $h*T the eagle can't fly.
GAMMA-RAY-BURSTER Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 9:33 AM
... award Obama the BOZO PRIZE !!
It was a little much when President Barack Obama said that he was "offended" by the suggestion that his administration would try to deceive the public about what happened in Benghazi. What has this man not deceived the public about?

Remember his pledge to cut the deficit in half in his first term in office? This was followed by the first trillion dollar deficit ever, under any President of the United States -- followed by trillion dollar deficits in every year of the Obama administration.

Remember his pledge to have a "transparent" government that would post its legislative proposals on the Internet several...