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I Think I Owe an Apology to George W. Bush.

Henry VIII Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 8:46 AM
king10 - formerly king Wrote: 3 minutes ago (8:33 AM) Umm, I think GWB owes US an apology for tarnishing and morphing the word conservative to mean something it doesn't. Umm....I think liberals should apologize in shame to everyone for destroying the nuclear family, undermining basic values, causing massive entitlement and dependency, raising the debt to the crisis level, spending our tax dollars on boondoggles, using abortion as birth control, and foreign policy that makes us all less safe.

William F. Buckley once noted that he was 19 when the Cold War began at the Yalta conference. The year the Berlin Wall came down, he became a senior citizen. In other words, he explained, anti-Communism was a defining feature of conservatism his entire adult life. Domestically, meanwhile, the right was largely a "leave me alone coalition": Religious and traditional conservatives, overtaxed businessmen, Western libertarians, and others fed up with government social engineering and economic folly. The foreign policy battle against tyrannical statism abroad only buttressed the domestic antagonism toward well-intentioned and occasionally democratic statism at home.

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