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CompCon Wrote:10 minutes ago (2:46 PM) "This 'man' [Gruber] is a liar." And, he's a liberal. Ah, but that's redundant. He's a libtard academic.....can we make Ezekiel Emmanuel, and Gruber the poster children for why academics should stick to whatever it is they do, and stay out of politics or policy. We've had Rex Tugwell, Francis Perkins, Adolph Berle, Cass Sustein; things don't work out well when academics get involved.
The world nuclear org., shot her down too....
Bush did give us a bailout, but the first bailout came from Jimmy Carter in 1979. I disagree about the Republicans and amnesty....they're trying to solve a huge problem, but they understand that the border has to be closed, really closed, or no deal. Remember, State Gov only need to please their state, a presidential candidate has a much broader electorate to please.
Keep the change Wrote:6 minutes ago (2:19 PM) We will know that liberalism is being fought when there is an actual free market in education or at least an effort to establish one. One where governments cannot double dip on the student's parents through taxation. First, thank you for a sane post....keep it up. Bill Ayres and his wackadoodle friends figured out that the Weather Underground could not achieve their goals bombing the sheite out of the country, so they headed for the nearest universities and have done enormous damage catching Republicans and the general public off guard.... The Teacher's Union is fierce foe; I'm not sure how to combat them, but I think a good deal has to come from informed parents who are loud and insistent that things change. Second, the brainiacs from the universities who are rapidly becoming presidential advisers need to be shown for the incompetent theorists they are. Obamacare has been a dream of liberals for 10 decades, but it was Rahm's brother who was the architect.....he needs to be discredited loudly, so even sufer-boy in Cal gets the message,
Oops, sorry the last sentence was Fuzzy's and didn't get moved up.
Fuzzy2 Wrote:3 minutes ago (2:12 PM) My observation is that many voters express the right opinions about America, but their party has convinced them that they shouldn't vote what they want. Rather they should vote for the republican candidate no matter what kind of saint or snake they may be. I see daily all the people here claiming to be conservative and pronouncing their desire for smaller government. But they don't vote that way. They have conceded defeat so badly that they refuse to even speak well of candidates that want the same thing they do. What our founders knew, and their true genius, was that they understood people, and people act in their own self interest. People don't understand economics and are easily fooled by someone like an Austan Goolsbee. Schools don't teach the Constitution anymore, so a lot don't actually know what is Constitutional or not. Republicans are generally disagreeing over tactics; we already live in the era of big government, it's gonna get bigger if we don't stop the bleeding.... We have always had a choice to vote for what we want.
I hope whomever that candidate is hones in on the fact that Barack Obama and the Dem Party are the poster children for big government
Huge number of stupid people.....but some aren't stupid, just too busy to pay attention..
Fuzzy2 Wrote:21 minutes ago (1:28 PM) Ok. Let me rephrase. You are not going to get this fantasy of a republican majority for decades. We just went through a few years of that and the country moved more to the left. Fuzzy, I don't think the country has moved to the left as much as you think they have. The electorate is full of disconnects; if you look at the details of polling, the electorate still believes in the founding principles of this country, but they are extremely susceptible to political rhetoric that sounds so good on the surface. Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky, but Obama's chickens are coming home to roost......all that dazzle ain't panning out; hence, Obama's low poll numbers and general disgruntlement among the electorate....
Any gang bullets through your window yet? Enjoy your taxes.....
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