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indy2012 Wrote:8 mins ago (12:53 PM) where did you get that the Nazi's were not our fight.... did you forget Pearl Harbor, Japan attacked us, Japan who was their ally did it to cripple our navy... I have a Masters in History, I know all about the Japanese and Pearl Harbor. You forget that Roosevelt had promised the electorate to keep us out of war....but he knew that Germany was a clear and present danger that the US would have to eventually confront....so he secretly sent aid to Great Britain even before Lend Lease. We live in a global world indy, we have since WWI....we cannot ignore international threats because they are not an immediate threat stateside....and, have you forgotten 9/11 and Benghazi?
indy2012 Wrote:1 min ago (12:47 PM) 1 - just an option based on the fact they have about 650k troops (reserve and active), nuclear weapons, and plenty of missile and anti-missile tech to fight and defend themselves....also the only country with a larger military is Iran, but they do not have teh nuclear advantage...I have heard a lot of different numbers for ISIS, 20k-50k, so even with the high number they are not really a huge threat... Israel can take care of itself, it would wipe the floors with any middle eastern country including Iran, because I am sure when push came to shove Tehran would just end up getting nuked by Israel, something which is between them and the USA should not try to stop... 2- Paul knows what he is talking about, if we keep going this way we will go bankrupt and a bankrupt country has no chance in securing its borders or protecting other countries. Ron Paul lives in an alternate fantasy universe. It's not the ISIS numbers Indy...it's the unconventional, non state warfare that's the danger, and BTW ISIS has 50,000...how many collective Islamic fundamentalist active followers are there? New groups are springing up everyday. We are fighting an ideology, not a conventional state. What happens when Iran goes nuclear....do you really think fundamentalists couldn't get a hold of the technology....it wouldn't take 50,000, or even 1000 ISIS troops to do irretrievable harm would it?
indy2012 Wrote:5 mins ago (12:35 PM) Its not blindfolds or ear plugs...its the fact that its not our fight.... If anything its the Mulsim countries that should be fighting this war together....the King of Jordan actually understand that and hopefully he can get the other countries to join in.. either way not our fight, and we have more issues at home to deal with... Ron Paul Inc.....with your logic, Nazi Germany wasn't our fight either; are you going to tell me that they wouldn't have been a threat to the US eventually? What about ISIS stating that their intention is to wipe out Israel and US....they call us the Great Satan, don't you get?
It's the religious ideology of submit or die, geek....
Wiping out Israel would kill how many Jews, Indy? Wiping out Western civilization would kill how many? Islamic fundamentalism is existential threat to the world.... Islamic fundamentalists have been at it since the 1980's....how many people have to be displaced and killed before you take it seriously?
indy2012 Wrote:8 mins ago (12:08 PM) Iraq was never stable, Saddam had it under control for a long time before we came in.... He was not a good person, he did some very horrible things, but he was dealing with things maybe not called ISIS, but they had the same ideology....the only reason we have not heard of organizations like ISIS before is because Saddam was able to crush them.... it takes a savage to rule savages, the Muslim religion to a point actually promotes this type of violent behavior.... we should stay out of their business, we are far to civilized to deal with animals like them... Blindfolds and ear plugs will not make groups like ISIS go away, and being too civilized for 7th century barbarism will get us nothing but dead. Some of the very members of Saddam's Baathist peeps are the rank and file of ISIS....what makes you think Saddam wouldn't have joined the party? He was funding and allowing Zachari to build al Qaeda terrorist camps in Iraq. He was funding suicide bombers. He was buying both chemicals and biologics as weaponry.
indy2012 Wrote:1 min ago (12:04 PM) you are comparing them to the Nazi's??? During the holocaust it is estimated they killed 6 million Jews of the the 9 million that lived in Europe.....I agree with you that they are savages, but you are giving them way too much credit, they are nowhere close to the Nazi's....they are thugs, don't give them anymore credit then they deserve....killing unarmed villagers is not an accomplishment, its a pathetic show of force..... Indy, Nazism was contained within the German State....Italy and Japan were axis powers, but they did not share quite the same objective. Islamic fundamentalism is a religious ideology....it knows no particular home, that's what makes them more dangerous. They are an octopus of ideological arms that can reach anywhere...and they do.
Did you get that BS from Media Matters? DimWits have embarrassed themselves....I don't care about that, but I do care that they are endangering everyone...
And yet Rudy Giuliani gets heat for speaking what he hears right out of Barack Obama's mouth...
indy2012 Wrote:2 mins ago (11:44 AM) Maybe in Ideology they are worst, but they are no where near the same threat... The nazi's were powerful enough to fight a 2 front war and almost win.... These monkeys behead a few people and the world is shaking..... they are thugs with a camera, I am telling you it will take hours to tear them apart.... Are you paying attention to the news.....it's not just a few they've beheaded? Isis is wiping out whole villages. Boko Haram has raped and sold hundreds of little girls into slavery. Poor Coptic Christians just searching for work are being behead in Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood built tunnels into Israel so they could kill Jews. ISIS is threatening Jordan. The ME is on fire. Why doesn't Bonehead arm the Kurds? Why does President Incompetent announce in advance his intentions, or advertise what he's not going to do?
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