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Bob Beckel: Women Don’t Need Guns Because Rape on College Campuses Doesn’t Happen

Henry VIII Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 1:36 PM
I love watching O'Reilly debate Beckel. Beckel attempts the typical libturd debate script which is obfuscation, anger, and lies, but O'Reilly calls him's as much fun as watching ankle biter Colmes implode. One of these days Beckle is going to explode, and I cannot wait to see that.....

During a discussion on Fox News’ The Five about concealed carry on campus, liberal co-host Bob Beckel demonstrated his complete ignorance regarding the sexual violence women face, particularly on college campuses.


“When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?”

 Just because each and every rape on campus does not receive widespread media attention does not mean it’s not happening.  Here are just a few statistics from NYU’s Student Health Center, Mr. Beckel:

-          One in 5 college women...