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Killing the Dream

Henryk A Kowalczyk Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 5:23 PM
Most voices on this board are manifestation of the darkest sides of the human nature. They represent fears of unknown, they are the proof how dangerous are consequences of poor education of majority of Americans. Most voices on this board are shame for America. Most voices on this board represent ideas that have nothing in common with the values which laid at the foundation of our Republic. If you are a Catholic, you should tell your priest about your hate of immigrants during your next confession.
loadstar Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 6:13 PM
FWIW, as for "consequences of poor education of majority of Americans," I graduated from an elite (top 20) university and TEACH economics at the college level!

The Catholic Church is a shameful miscreant in all of lost millions of parishioners due to the myriad sex scandals, now it seeks ILLEGAL aliens to refill the pews and help replenish the coffers.
Origanalist Again Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 6:12 PM
I'm thinking Henry would before it was no longer "unknown".
loadstar Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 6:08 PM
UNKNOWN has NOTHING to do with it! You can find myriad ILLEGAL aliens all over Ga.! Must be because we border Mexico!!!

Crime has gotten so bad that the small city of Moultrie, Ga. has formed an Hispanic Gang Police Task Force!

It is NOT xenophobia-- it is REALITY!

Consider this analogy...I do not actually have to bend over and sniff a fresh dog pile to know that I am going to find it objectionable to step in it!
Origanalist Again Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 6:06 PM
There is nothing unknown about it Henry. We have million of unemployed Americans and millions of illegal alians working in this country, you do the math.
They sound like a group custom-built and poll-tested to appeal to Republicans: hardworking youngsters with a powerful attachment to America, upright habits and a thirst to join the Army or enroll at State U. But the potential beneficiaries of the Dream Act are getting no love from the GOP.

That's because they are illegal immigrants -- born abroad and brought here as children by parents desperate for a better life. Why they evoke scorn is a mystery. The parents may be faulted for overlooking our laws, but not their offspring, who had no say in the matter.

Many of the kids are as...