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Killing the Dream

Henryk A Kowalczyk Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 5:09 PM
What is decent about creating laws that make other people illegal? Do not steal it is the God’s law. The law banning someone from coming from another country and working next to you is a man’s law. How you dare giving this law the same weight as the God’s law? How in your conscience you know that you did not break the God’s law (do not do anything to others that you do not want done to you) by establishing our immigration laws? Our immigration laws are immoral, and breach basic American values. Illegal immigrants, by breaking these laws should be calms of our conscience. Take a cold shower, and rethink the whole issue.
They sound like a group custom-built and poll-tested to appeal to Republicans: hardworking youngsters with a powerful attachment to America, upright habits and a thirst to join the Army or enroll at State U. But the potential beneficiaries of the Dream Act are getting no love from the GOP.

That's because they are illegal immigrants -- born abroad and brought here as children by parents desperate for a better life. Why they evoke scorn is a mystery. The parents may be faulted for overlooking our laws, but not their offspring, who had no say in the matter.

Many of the kids are as...